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Buildable player home southwest of Windhelm.

Permissions and credits
Mornfallow Manor

On a mountainside in Eastmarch, to the southwest of Windhelm, you find a plot of land in the barren snow that seems to you to be the perfect place to build your home, a refuge from the bitter winds.

  • Skyrim
  • Dawnguard
  • Hearthfire
  • Dragonborn
  • Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions - Soft requirement, for adoption and spouse compatibility
  • Hearthfire Lumber Dialogue Requirements Removed - Soft requirement, for purchasing lumber before owning vanilla Hearthfire homesteads.

  • Full Hearthfire-style construction
  • Children's & Follower bedrooms for the people person!
  • OR Trophy room for those with a sense for extravagance
  • So much storage
  • Really nice paintings
  • Clutter that you can pick up!!!
  • Oven
  • Enchanting
  • Alchemy
  • Staff Enchanting
  • Spider Infusing
  • Read a book to get a bonus to magic crafting!
  • So many bookshelves
  • Full smithing workshop
  • Nice porch
  • Display some unique stuff
  • idk probably some more stuff i've been working on this a while

The vanilla Hearthfire system keeps you from purchasing lumber at lumbermills until you have purchased at least one of the three vanilla Hearthfire homesteads. This mod uses that lumber in most construction. You will need that lumber. I recommend you downloading Hearthfire Lumber Dialogue Requirements Removed, which i made specifically for this issue. You'll be able to purchase lumber from the beginning of the game if you so desire.

How to Obtain
Upon finding the plot in the mountains to the southwest of Windhelm, begin building your new home.
For the impatient, you can use "coc 00marzwindhelmhomeexterior02". There is a cheat chest filled with materials directly under the ground at the workbench.

Use your favorite mod manager to install, or manually unpack the archive and move the .esp and .bsa to your Skyrim's data folder.

No known incompatibilities.

Known Issues
  • Weapon displays might not work when first built. Just exit and re-enter the house.
  • Certain claw displays might not work until their associated quests are finished.

If you wish to translate this mod, please contact me. I am willing to host translations on this mod page, but i can offer no technical support to those using a translated file.

Permissions and Credits
Please see the permissions link toward the top of the page