About this mod

Cerinia was a planet in a system far away from Lylat System, and was the original home to the blue vixen Krystal. This is known in the Starfox Universe.

Permissions and credits
Cerinia was a planet an had intelligent races.Well here is the main one.
You will get a set of armor specifically for females.Custom made.This armor is also available for crafting.
You have Both Male and Female body types.

Cerinian Race 1.3

There is no main file. Just pick which one to install.


Not required, but highly recommended:

SKSE -----------------------
    Needed for a jump height fix included in this mod

Unofficial Skyrim Patch ----
    Fixes a Dark Brotherhood Quest for custom races
    Fixes Vampire Lord Transformation

Mfg Console ----------------
    Fixes player blinking

Dawnguard incompatible + Sorry
Thanks too KarlaNyx for pointing this out.

Issues: Considering this is a Non-dialog based character. In short. Custom Races when in Harkons room will be killed
when accepting Harkon's gift. There is a workaround though. It requires Racemenu or an equivalent to change your race. When you get inside. Change your race to something else. Anything but a custom race. Get bit. You will be teleported to the Feeding room. Race change back too Krystal an then in console target your player and enter this.

Player.setrace aaaKrystalRaceVampire
changing you into a Vampire. Note. As a werewolf or anything else trying to get Harkons blessing will kill custom races.
You can at this point continue to complete quest with no problems.


Notes for character creation:

    -Face tint sliders availablelips, cheeks, nose, eyeliner, eyelids, and ears
    -Brow type slider will add and remove earrings
    -Chin sliders will control the ears

Animation Swap:

    Inside your spell/powers menu you will find two lesser powers:  Animation Swap (RGA) and (PCEA).  RGA stands for
'Reversed Gender Animations', which will swap your animations between male and femalePCEA stands for
'PlayerCharacter Exclusive Animations'.
Which are animations exclusive to the player.Proper use of PCEA involves installing both
the actual PCEA mod and FNIS (links below).

If you don't have PCEA and FNIS installed, this mod will swtich you to a
set of vanilla animations included in this mod's BSA (this is to prevent crashes).  To swap back to your default set of
animations, simply use the Animation Swap power again.


Recent mods where developed an now this
Gives you the effects needed for weapons.


    -Nerfed armour and enchantment stats
    -Added optional hair-tip highlights
    -Optional UNP and CBBE versions added

    -Added animation swap races to headpart formlists
    -New Tiara mesh for male khajiit head
    -Unenchanted amulets and tiaras can now be crafted
    -Head bone renamed for compatibility with 'Katia Race'
    -Tail bindings set added for Katia Race
    -Silver outfit parts can now be crafted

    -Race height reduced slightly
    -Improved bone weighting for hair
    -Slight adjustment to hair lagbones
    -Improved weighting on ears
    -Corrected a few shaders
    -Full Cerinian outfit sets added

    -Initial Release


Mod incompatibilities:
    None that I know of.

Load Order:
    Anywhere, doesn't matter.



Can I reupload this mod elsewhere?

Can I modify your mod / fix it / make my own version?
    Yes, script source is included.
    IMPORTANT:  You do not have permission to use anything in this mod for commercial purposes.

Will my save be unusable after uninstalling this mod?
    If you are using the new race for your character, then yes, definitely.


Meshes/textures are modified from LittleDragon's Starfox models
Feet mesh is modified from Phygit's FemFeet
Other meshes/textures - Bethesda