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A single file armor set from the "Skyrim Witcher Experience Enhanced" by Talyn82, whom granted me permission to upload the armor collection. Version 2 weight slider now working. It is male only and standalone with crafting, tempering, and enchanting enabled. Found at the forge under leather

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As the short description says, this is a standalone single set from the "Skyrim Witcher Experience Enhanced" by Talyn82. The armor is as it was aside from the removal of dependency upon the original files and texture paths, however, I have retextured the gloves and boots to better match the armor itself. I also set up the crafting, tempering, and enchanting in the Creation Kit.  As of version 2 the weight slider is now working. All the Onif and 1nifs are now in place. I simply modified the existing pieces from LOrdOfWar's Witcher 2 Models and changed the texture paths.
Talyn82 is currently working on the additional content of the main file and working out any bugs while I am setting up single files for those who do not want to dive into such an overhaul.  The Nif files were originally ported by AlphaWolf who has since left everything to Talyn82, so now I am actively working to set up all the new nifs so that the weight slider will work with each set, one at a time. If someone wishes to expand upon these armors by setting up Nifs for any of the ones I personally cannot do, please contact Talyn82 or myself and we will include you and your work onto any armor file you wish to help us out with. You can view any of the armors we have access to on the original "Skyrim Witcher Experience" and let me know if there is another set you want me to upload next or a set of armor you would like to assist us with on those Nifs.  Any questions or suggestions, obviously leave a comment, I usually reply within a day or two because I have no social life outside of my work and I enjoy doing this.