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Simple cosmetic changes to some of the followers in Interesting NPC's. Amalee, Gorr, Hjoromir, Morndas, Rumarin, Valgus, and Zora Fair-Child.

Permissions and credits

This is a simple mod that modifies the appearances of a few of the followers included in Kris Takahashi's Interesting NPC mod.

Included, for compatibility, are the changes spkyfshy made in his Interesting NPCs Followers Perk Addon.  Only the NPC's listed here are affected, if you want the rest of your Interesting NPC's to have perks you'll need to download his mod.

If you have custom textures installed for your NPC's face and body, the npc's will use these instead of vanilla like any other npc in the game would.

As stated these changes are very minor and, unless noted otherwise, exclusively cosmetic. No quests, dialogue, navemeshes, or gameplay was touched in making this mod. All credits for mods used are listed at the end of this page.

IMPORTANT: Load my mod AFTER any other mod or patch that modifies 3DNPC.esp. This includes the Follower Perk Add-On, as compatibility with that mod is built into this one.

Changed her hair, gave her scale armor, like Zora. You meet her later in the game, she should have armor equivalent to that.

Gave him some scars and changes his hair and facial hair. He also now wears a full suit of Iron Armor (sans helmet)

Changed his hair and facial features. He looks even more adorkable. Enjoy, try not to get him killed this time.

Changed her hair and facial features (slightly). She looks more pissed off, I think.

Hair and face. That's about it. He still looks like an insufferable nitwit. That's why we love him, though.

For some reason the emo hair just said "Valgus" to me. I wonder why...

Gee...I wonder who Rentak's favorite Interesting NPC is?
Changed her hair, facial features and made the tatoo a bit brighter.
Before you ask, the blonde hair is NOT to turn her into a Barbie Doll. The darker hair she traditionally has, I think, washes out the tatoo (burn scar) and the scars on her face. Zora wears her tragedy on her face with a laugh and a smile, quite literally.

Required Mods & DLC
Interesting NPCs by Kris Takahashi 
ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii (ApachiiHair.esm, ApahciiHairFemales.esm, and ApahciiHairMales.esm)
Interesting NPCs Followers Perk Addon by spikyfishy (Technically not required, but I did go to a bit of trouble to make it compatible)
Skyrim (Obviously)
Dawnguard (This doesn't need a link, you should all have it by now)

These are the community members who provided assets or inspiration for this little mod 'o mine:

Interesting NPCs by Kris Takahashi 
ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii 
Automation Tools for TES5Edit by Mator 
Interesting NPCs Followers Perk Addon by spikyfishy

Recommended Mods
SG Female Textures Renewal by Hello Santa
Don't forget to grab the Elven patch as well.

Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces - New hairstyles by Chris57 and FavoredSoul
I advise the Faces - GeonoxFacesWithoutBeard combined with a Sundracon body.

I also strongly recommend that you merge this mod together with all other patches for Interesting NPC's (3DNPC). These tools are easy to use and will enhance your game in ways you may rarely notice but will increase stability and many headaches:
Merge Plugins by Mator This is the preferred tool to merge mods as it collects the assets together and allows you to completely deactivate or uninstall the old mods.
Merge Plugins xEdit Script by matortheeternal This is the older way of doing it. Using this you would have to remove the old esp files but keep the assets. 

Should any of the modders who I was inspired by or whose assets I used object to my use please contact me and I will remove their work from this mod.

Thank you.