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This mod adds Varian Wrynn cuirass and his sword Shalamayne to Skyrim.

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Varian Wrynn Cuirass.

This mod adds the armor of Varian Wrynn , king of Stormwind,from the game World of Warcraft, to the world of Skyrim.

The armor comes in two variants, heavy and light.
Heavy armors are Steel and Ebony level and require these smithing perks to be forged.
Light armors are Glass and Dragonscale level and require these smithing perks to be forged.
All armors are forgeable,upgradable and enchantable.

There are three pieces for each armor, cuirass, boots and gauntlets.
There is no helmet so you'll have to wear one if you want to profit from perk bonuses.

The mod also adds Varian's sword, Shalamayne.
The sword is one-handed or two-handed, and is craftable in the same categories as the armors minus the dragonscale, because there are no dragonscale weapons in the base game.
So only Glass Shalamayne is forgeable for the light armor.
Shalamayne is also upgradable and enchantable.


The mod is also available for Xbox One here:

Thanks to LilTuggle


The mod is also available for PC Special Edition here:
Thanks to FilthyCasual523

The mod is NMM ready just download and install with it.

Reverse of the above.

Please do not upload this mod or any of its parts, being meshes or textures, anywhere without my permission.

Blizzard entertainment for creating such great characters.
Bethesda for allowing us to play with this wonderfull game Skyrim is.
XB1 port by LilTuggle
PC SSE port by FilthyCasual523
All people here on the Nexus.