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Adds two Books translating the Draconic Runes on the Word Walls of Skyrim.

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Word Wall Translations

For the longest time I never reflected on what all the Dragon runes on the Word Walls scattered throughout Skyrim meant, but it turns out they're actually epitaphs commemorating lost loved ones, great heroes, evil villains, noble animals and ferocious beasts. This mod adds two books with translations of every Word Wall in Skyrim and the DLC locations.

The books are found in High Hrothgar and the Arcaneum. As with any other object in those locations, a Dragonborn trained by the Greybeards and the Arch-Mage of Winterhold may take whatever they choose.

I've proof-read and checked formatting about a billion times, but please add a comment if you find any typo or other oddity!


The mod contains only assets from Vanilla Skyrim, so nothing but Vanilla Skyrim is required!


All translations are sourced from here: