About this mod

A replacer for lanscape's textures.

Permissions and credits
Green Skyrim was updated. I replaced textures of roads.

I had used Blended Roads by T4GTR43UM3R and created a new version of roads. I think they look better now.

Alternative textures for roads. Stones' texture by Renthal311

Final Update:
New mossy texture for snowrocks01 & better color for rocks01.

Update 1.3b:

New leaves

Darker moss for smim bridge

Update 1.3a:

Added mossy bricks for bridge.

New moss for tundra

Added patch for smim bridge.

Added mineralpools by Hein84.
Fix some bugs.

Update 1.3:

Added alpha channel for all diffuse. Seams look better now.

Added textures for roads! Finally I did it.

Added green dirtcliffs by Renthal311. Thanks for permission, Rafael.

Added optional fallforest with autumn leaves.

- Most textures are from and Hoddminir Ground Textures resource pack.

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