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Recreation of Morrigan's ballgown from Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Permissions and credits

Skyrim Special Edition notes:

I've got several requests to port my mods to SSE and consoles. 
I have to say that I don't own SSE, I don't own any current-gen console, so none of my mods will be ever ported to SSE by me or someone else.


Recreation of Morrigan's ballgown from Dragon Age: Inquisition.
This is mostly personal mod, so do not expect any minor fixes except critical ones.


Known issues:

- DO NOT try to use it as a replacer, DO NOT try to sit in it or use animations that use legs too much, for there are no leg bones in the gown. 
- There's no weightslider.
- There are no inventory models


How to get it in game:

- type in console "help halamshiral", you will get all needed IDs.
- type in console "player.additem XXX Y". XXX means necessary ID, Y means count of items you want.



Choose between four versions of the mod and then put everything in data folder:

- Quality - high resolution uncompressed textures - for really-really high end rigs or screenshots only.
- Normal - a mix between performance and quality.
- Performance - speaks for itself
- Ultra performance - fully compressed performance variant for those who plays on potato (I actually play on potato too, but normal version runs smoothly, while quality lags like a hell)



Remove the .esp file and mod's folders


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: There's not weightslider.
A: And won't be, as I prefer to use zero weight only.

Q: The skirt behaves itself strangely.
A: As I noticed above, there's no leg bones, so you are supposed to stand while wearing this dress.

Q: Can I use this with CBBE, 7Base, etc?
A: Yes, but you may get wrists seams. It is recommended to use any UNP-family body replacer.

Q: Can you convert it to CBBE, 7Base, other replacers?
A: Nope, it was made for UNPC only.

Q: There's a seam/mismatch/whatever.
A: Describe the problem in details so I could fix that. If you are experiencing wrist seam, then you should use any UNP compatible hands.

Q: You've messed up something in shaders/textures/meshes/wherever.
A: Fix them by yourself then, unless it is critical, of course, like flying corset, clipping or something.

Q: I don't like this, I don't like that.
A: Your personal preferences do not matter, sorry.


Terms of use:

-You are not allowed to reupload this mod to other sites without permission. 
-You are not allowed to make bodyslide, crapslide, and whatnots. 
-You are not allowed to convert it to other bodies.
-You are not allowed to modify it in anyway.
-You are not allowed to convert it to SE.
-You are not allowed to use the mod with your followers. 
-You can do whatever in private, given it never leaves your computer and you don't share it elsewhere.

If you have any question regarding permission, feel free to ask.



- Blender and Substance Painter - thanks to bro for the licence of SP for Steam.
- Thanks to grandpa Urshi for teaching me how to use blender.
- Thanks to Cabal120 for the cubemap he gave me and his help in texturing the dress.
- Thanks to Affectus for her essential help at the beginning of this mod.
- Thanks to my mom for drawing lace texture for me.
- Thanks to Dimon99 for UNP body.
- Thanks to Halofarm for UNPC body.
- Thanks to kiparisova, KnErBSE73, Eiskristall7 for testing the gown.
- Thanks to Bioware for the latest Dragon Age game.