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Retexture of the ubiquitous wooden posts found in the farmhouses and taverns of Skyrim. 4K and 2K versions available. Now, with lightpost textures from Solitude.

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RUSTIC WOODPOST & LIGHTPOST is a retexture of the ubiquitous wooden posts found in the farmhouses and taverns of Skyrim, as well as the lightpost textures that are part of the Solitude architecture. The woodpost texture is very problematic, because of the sheer size of the post meshes, and their cylindrical shape. The game engine is fine with rendering flat textures, but any mesh that is rounded distorts the textures and deforms the normal maps. What you tend to get is a blurry pixelated mess. The farmhouse woodpost02 textures have always bothered me for this reason. They just don't look detailed and dimensional in game the way a nice flat 2K texture would.

This mod is my attempt to improve on this situation. The wood posts will never look great in game, but I wanted to at least make them look decent. Because of the distortion of the normal maps caused by the cylinder shaped mesh, I ended up going with half-sized uncompressed normal maps. The compression artifacts were exaggerated by the stretching, so this yielded the best result. Therefore, the 4K version has a 2K uncompressed normal, and the 2K version has a 1K uncompressed normal. Their file size is the same as a full-sized compressed texture.

The woodpost02 textures are used both inside the farmhouses, and outside, as well as the wooden fences. They are used for the bench tables inside the inns also. They are a pretty important texture to the overall look of the villages.

I made the overall look and coloration of the textures so that they would blend well with the default textures. Therefore, they should work well as a straight replacer for people using Bethesda's vanilla textures. That's all there is to say really, except I hope this retexture is of some use to people. I just got tired of looking at ugly blurry posts everytime I visited a tavern.

The textures responsible for the lightposts are found in the Solitude architecture folder. This woodbeam01 texture is also used on the facings of the buildings in Solitude. The rope texture also contains the metal grate texture, and is included to complete the lightpost textures.


UPDATE 2.0: This version adds the lightpost textures from the Solitude architecture folder. The rope texture is included. This swoodbeam01 texture also covers the facing of the Solitude buildings, as seen in the screenshots.

UPDATE 1.2: Due to some people's aversion to knots, there is now a knotless version available as well. I hope you're all happy now.

UPDATE 1.1: I removed one of the two knots from the texture for fewer repeats in the game. Some people found the textures too knotty.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Shouldn't you be working on clothing textures right now?

A: I'll pretend I didn't hear that.

Q: Really?... Haven't a bunch of people already done those stupid posts?

A: Perhaps... Is there some arbitrary limit on retextures?

Q: Hey buddy, I'm the one asking the questions here!

A: Sounds more like a statement, or a declaration to me.

Q: OK, smart guy, answer me this!

A: Yes?

Q: Uh.... I forgot.

A: Great talking with you.

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