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This mod adds sleeves and pants to hide, studded, leather, and scaled armors.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds sleeves and pants to hide, studded, leather, and scaled armors.  All credit goes to FranklinZunge who has graciously granted permission to provide this compilation of his four mods, previously released as stand-alone armors.  The appearance of the base armor is dependent on your own textures (vanilla, aMidianBorn, etc.).

I do like the hide and leather vanilla armors, but the lack of sleeves and pants while I'm bundled in a cloak and building campfires for Frostfall annoyed me.  I'm a huge fan of all of FranklinZunge armors and clothes, and have been using these in particular for a long time.  So for anyone who might have missed out on his work previously or didn't want to have to manually make the changes to use them as replacers, here they are.

There may be some clipping between the sleeves and gloves and elsewhere.  This is not my work, nor do I know how to fix or change anything, so these are offered as is.

All credits go to Bethesda and
Compilation taken from:
Studded Chainmail
Scale and Fur
Jehennian Leather Cuirass
Hide Armor With Sleeves
Please visit and support his mod pages if you enjoy his work for these replacers.

Additional Mods Used in Images:
aMidianBorn Book of Silence
KS Hairdos
CNHF 2.5 Female Body and Textures
Skysight Skins Male Textures

Other Recommendations:
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Scarves of Skyrim - Lind's Version
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Grimoas Gugels Reloaded - Some improved textures of the original.
Super Sleeves of Skyrim - If you are looking for heavy and factional armors with sleeves.