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Ultra HD retexture of the default skyrim rags

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Ultra HD Rags

My dragonborn was having breakfast in Lakeview Manor when he saw the table was littered with dirty rags which looked like they were used to wipe the floor. He lost his appetite just by looking at them. So I decided to retexture them into towels fit for a dragonborn. Thus, this mod was born. 

  • Completely new textures and HQ normal maps
  • Seven different colors
  • Textures ranging from performance 1k to HD 2k to UHD 4k (vanilla had 256x256 textures and 128x128 normals. Ugh!) 
This mod has been reviewed by Vatiwah. (My first review! Thanks!) You can see my rags at around 9:36. I highly recommend watching all his mod reviews. They're really fun to watch! 
[left][/left]I recommend downloading the 2k+1k version for the rags. They should be enough for most people. 2k version should be okay for anyone with 1+ GB of vram. 4k for 2+ gigs of vram. 

Textures come in 7 colors:
  • Dirty Grey (Looks quite close to vanilla colors while maintaining the great detail of this retexture. Recommended version) 
  • Light Blue
  • Bright Red (only for vanilla and desaturated ENBs) 
  • Darker Desaturated Red (for most ENBs) 
  • Pink
  • Clean Dark-White
  • Sky Blue

Install with NMM or MO.

Please excuse the quality of the pictures, I made these textures on my laptop as my PC's video card stopped working.

Screenshots are highly appreciated! And please endorse if you like the mod. 

 Dirty Grey

Dark Desaturated Red

Sky Blue

Bright Red

Clean Dark-White


Light Blue