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Camp Varglya is a Stormcloak army outpost, manned by a unit of potential follower soldiers. Located north of Whiterun.

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A Mod by Antiscamp

We have decided to raise a new military camp north of Whiterun, to threaten Imperial interests in that area and protect the road north. There is already a number of soldiers deployed at Camp Varglya. These brothers and sisters are the bottom of the barrel, but hard warriors, many of them of criminal or of otherwise suspicious backgrounds. To lead them and keep them in check, I was able to send two of my best officers to Varglya though, Helena and Freidar, and now I'm sending you.

You are tasked with taking command of the garrison and making this wolfpack into an effective fighting force in the region. You are free to use the assets as you see fit; raids on Imperial positions, logistics and patrols are encouraged.

Fight Well Or Die Well!

Galmar Stone-Fist


Camp Varglya is the logical follow-up to my previously released mod, Camp Argentum. Argentum added an Imperial military camp, and now, I'm adding a similar Stormcloak one as well.

The Camp is inhabited by twelve NPC's. All of them have suitable army roles. There are mostly regular soldiers (1-handed), but also officers (2-handed), and I've included a mage (magic) and an archer (ranged). All the soldiers in the Camp have personal files which are readable in the files Cabinet in the Commander's Tent, which is an enterable interior. All the NPC's are recruitable as followers. The Amazing Follower Tweaks mod is recommended; with that, you can truly be the commander of your own Stormcloak unit. The NPC's are essential, so they won't die. Not recommended to go close if you're an Imperial milkdrinker!

The NPC's have AI packages and live naturally in their camp waiting for the next battle.


I recommend manual installation, but that's just me. Nexus Mod Manager should do the trick perfectly well when installing.

For manual installation, copy the contents of the zipped folder and drag it into your Skyrim/Data folder. Be sure to tick the mod in WryeBash or whatever manager you're using. The zipped folder contains an .esp, a .bsa and a music folder as well as two text files.

The map marker is visible from the start. It's located in the Whiterun Tundra, North of Whiterun, near Korvanjund.


In the screenshots, the NPC's have UNPB bodies for female and SAM for male. Female face texture is UNP and male is Urshi's. I use Skyrimaguas Stormcloak Armour Revival retexture ( for the uniforms.

Do not change and/or upload to anywhere else. Do NOT charge money for my mod! This is for the Nexus only. Thank you. Permissions for further modding and improvements will be liberally granted if you just ask.

NOTE: This is the first release, and as such, further balancing and tweaks will maybe have to be done. The NPC's haven't been properly tested as followers.

Be sure to check out the Imperial camp as well, Camp Argentum.

Optional ESP: There is an optional ESP in the downloads, which makes the inhabitants of Camp Varglya aggressive towards the player. If you're a proud defender of the Empire and want to kill Stormcloak traitors, this should be to your liking. You need the main download, and then just overwrite with the optional ESP. Long Live The Empire!


1.0 Initial Release Jan 20, 2016


Check out my development blog for more modding fun:

Antiscamp, Jan 2016