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Hugh was an extraordinary man. A gamer, a father, an unsung hero. His story touched me, so I made a memorial for him, to visit and pay respects. Hugh loved Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls. Now he is imprinted in it forever.

Permissions and credits
Bring a chair in. 

This mod was inspired by this story here.
I've received permission from John to release this so others can visit the shrine too.

You remember Bear and Taylor? The Sovngarde has another hero in it now, and we can make sure he lives on in the game he loved.
The bards may not be singing about this man but we will celebrate his life and the extraordinary gamer he was.

I'm not a writer, not good with words. But I can make pretty things that matter. So I made a beautiful memorial, "Warlock's Rest", where a ghost visits at night. You can pay respects at the shrine and receive a blessing, "Walker's Ward", which gives a high magic resistance for 8 hours.
The shrine is fast-travellable from the start. See map in images section. You cannot talk to the ghost.

My hope is that my fellow Skyrim modders will take this mod and share screenshots of their characters visiting the memorial, so we can give Hugh the respect he deserves.

Take a screenshot, post it in the user image section, I will collect them in a gallery for John.


He fought for his principles, sacrificed for his morality.
And he was an incredible father.

RIP Hugh Walker, 1949 – 2016