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All my three mods are now available for Skyrim Special Edition:
= [ Riverside Lodge, Mammoth Manor, Breezehome ] =

There are plenty of Breezehome mods already available. I know. But I wanted to make a version of my own - with my own flavour, so I can use it on my newest playthrough in Skyrim. I've kept the house somewhat "true to original", since I have always felt Breezehome needs to feel like a small town house, not a large mansion. So no added basements, towers, smithing areas or hoarder's mannequins and displays. But it doesn't have to feel crappy, either. As always, I like to keep things simple and functional with mostly ingame assets and minimal amount of custom stuff. But what I can't live without, are the autosorter scripts that I've used in my other player homes, so those are there of course (and you can turn them off individually if you do not prefer to use them).

Note: Hearthfire is required.

Main Features:
- All the furniture and items are included in the decoration packages bought from Jarl's steward (just as in vanilla).
- All clutter is STATIC. So no bouncing them around or picking up by accident. They're there just to look pretty.
- Added an enchanter next to the alchemy station and a hearthfire's oven to the kitchen.
- There is a weapon rack for five weapons by the door and a single plaque for a shield & two weapons in the Loft.
- Added several bookshelves and containers for different purposes.
- Added a crafting storage next to the Warmaiden's forge (key is on the desk after buying the living room decorations).
- Autosorter scripts for food, beverage, potions, alchemy ingredients, soulgems, gems & valuables, books & notes and crafting storages.
- Individual sorters can be turned on and off from the menu activated by the book on the main desk in the living room.
- All the basic functionality from the vanilla house should still be there.

Recommended mods:
- Works well with most mods that alter the exterior of the house, like the JK's Whiterun that I use myself.

- Remember to buy the decoration packages from Jarl's steward. Otherwise it's just an empty house.
- If you DO install the mod after already using the breezehome in any configuration, just know that you should first remove all your stuff from previous breezehome and go outside. Then after updating you might encounter some weird floating items, but you can easily get rid of those by opening up console, clicking them with the mouse and typing "disable". Also everything left in the old weapon racks or shelves will be either floating in the air (racks) or littered on the floor (shelves) and you need to pick them up (should have done it before updating).
- No matter the way you install the mod, just make sure the .esp and .bsa files are in your skyrim/data folder and that the mod file is activated.

Credits and thanks:

- Manilla Turtle for his "Automatic Item Storage" that I've modified for my own purposes.
- Blary for his OpenBooks Resource. Love those books!
- Eldiabs for making the awesome "Modders Resource" (for the shelves and the weapon rack).