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Adds 5 hunters at the entrances of towns and cities to buy your goods. (mainly pelts and gear)
Sells leather strips, leather, arrows, bows and daggers. (Hunting type gear)

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All my updates are now in SSE. If you try it in this version of Skyrim and it works. Let me know and I will keep updating here as well. Thanks!


This mod is pretty simple, the only other mod required is ApachiiSkyHair for the female hunters, so they won't be bald...I think. You can get it here:

Eyes of beauty and other mods that enhance the character visuals are optional.

New version gets rid of the Jay Leno chins on females. They are still not that hot, but when I learn how to make better looking women, this could change.

What This mod does:

Adds 5 hunters who buy pelts and gear, as well as sell leather, leather strips, bows, daggers and arrows (Hunting gear)
Each vendor carries around 8000 gold and can be force recruited with EFF, UFO and AFT and still usable if you don't want to go to them. They have the same stats and scale with your character, proficient with bows.

The Hunters are Essential and won't die, so if dragons attack, you don't have to worry about another lost vendor and recycleactor.

THE HUNTERS and Locations:

Brutus the Hunter Vendor - Falkreath
Hengrid the Hunter Vendor - Riverwood
Guinevere the Hunter Vendor - Solitude
Kyrie the Hunter Vendor - Riften
Cybil the Hunter Vendor - Whiterun

This is my second mod, still getting use to adding files, so if there are any issues, please let me know and I'll try to fix them. Other than the hair on the females, this mod should be pretty safe and as close to vanilla as possible.

(The followers you see in the background are Poet and Recorder. They can be found on the Nexus as well.)