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Waterfall Cabin is a small cozy home near Nilheim.

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Waterfall Cabin is a small and cozy home between Nilheim and Sarethi Farm. The main feature of the house is that you can sit on things you normally cannot. For exaple: the side of the bed, on a barrel, etc, you can see all sitting places on the pictures. There is a cooking place, an oven, an alchemy table, an enchanter and shrines of Kynareth, Mara and Julianos inside, with several safe storages and quite a lot of bookshelves so the house is perfect for a book-hoarder character. Or for an alchemist, as in the basement there is an underground alchemy garden with a treasury. Beware! In the underground garden there are two nirnroots and two crimson nirnroots, so the noise from them is unbearable. On the second floor there is a small bedroom with a door to the balcony, where there are cabbage, potato and leek planted, unfortunately you can't plant because I don't know how to make plantable planters. The house is not perfect (when you cook, the animation will show the empty space outside of the wall a bit) keep this in mind, but I tried to make it as good as I could. Fully navmeshed and requires all Skyrim DLCs.

As there is a double bed in the house you can make your spouse live there with you, with mods like My home is your home or Spouses can live everywhere.


Version2: has plantable garden on the balcony, a christmas tree (the ornaments are toggable on and off, it's off by default, the activator is the planter), fixed the seat on the side of the bed and managed to make one working weapon plaque
Version5: bsa added

If something doesn't work in the latest version with the bsa, use the loose file scripts from the old versions.

Credits to Lolicept for the resources.
Credits to Jaelli for testing and helping.