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Adds 4 new unique, fully-voiced, marriageble khajiit followers (3 male, 1 female), each with their own quest, backstory, personality, and play style.

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NOTE: The Special Edition version of Khajiit Will Follow can be found by clicking the link below:

>>>Khajiit Will Follow for Special Edition<<<

UPDATE (5/4/2020):
Khajiit Will Follow has been updated to version 4.6. This update adds a new location, the Shrine to the Lost Companion to the world, northwest of Rorikstead. It also adds 21 new book conversations for Nanak, and adds ~10 new spouse conversation for each potential spouse.

New in this Version (May 2020)

Read the FULL patch notes here: : Click Here!

1) Added a new location to the game world. The Shrine to the Lost Companion can be found in the hills to the northwest of Rorikstead, overlooking Broken Tower Redoubt. This is a shrine travelers from all over Tamriel come to visit, to honor and remember the companions they have lost. You can find notes and other keepsakes travelers have left behind, as well as pray at the shrine to receive its boon. If Bikhai is your primary follower, he will have a special scene when you first visit.

A special thank you to /r/ skyrimmods users for their heartfelt contributions to this project: Tired_Lily28, speedythefirst, Siofra, iCESPICES, autbunout, ComatoseHuman, mitzie92, MarquisofHell, SargonTheDeadly, Ukulele__Lady, eeekie_f, desahra, Hides-From-Sun.

2) Added ~1200 lines of dialogue split between the following:
     -- 21 new book conversations for Nanak, including several books from Beyond Skyrim: Bruma and a recurring talk on the Dance in Fire series.
     -- ~10 new spouse conversations for each potential spouse.
     -- revoiced all male followers' quest dialogues, combat dialogues, and equipment dialogues.

3) Added a configuration option to assign each follower a custom dismissal waypoint they will return to when dismissed. For instance, if you want Nanak to hang out in the Arcaneum of teh Mage College instead of the Bards College, take him there and set the waypoint through the config options.

4) The player will receive Khajiit Will Follow: The Book on first load. This book contains useful information on KWF's features.

- The Forgotten City patch requires both KWF and Forgotten City mods, and should be below both of them in your load order. Additionally, when beginning the quest ensure that the follower you want to take part in the adventure is set as your Primary Follower (can be changed in the Config dialogue tree)

-Marriage quests are designed to run with VANILLA Skyrim marriage. If you have other mods that alter how marriage functions, chances are very good that there will be a game-breaking conflict with KWF.


KWF adds four fully voiced, marriageable khajiit followers,
each with their own quests, backstory, personality, and playstyle:

Bikhai is a sword and board warrior type who is currently in Whiterun looking to join the Companions.

Nanak is a magic-using scholar
 who takes great pride in his intellect. He is currently
in Solitude reading up on the history of Skyrim and its people.

S’ariq is a dual wielding sneak thief who is currently awaiting execution in the Riften jails after a
not-so-successful heist.

Ma'kara is a dual wielding alleycat who grew up on the streets of Balmora in Morrowind.
She has come to Skyrim in search of her missing brother, and was last seen leaving Darkwater Crossing.

-- Fully voiced, with over 5000 lines of dialogue, each follower with lines unique to them.

--Full support for both follower and marriage events.

-- Lots of customization options: Enable horse-riding to allow them to ride at your side. Multiple combat styles and waiting behaviors. Choose to make your follower essential so that you don't accidentally murder them when the action gets intense. Set custom dismissal waypoints so that followers hangout where you want them to.

-- Comments on the weather, locations, weapons and magic you have out, items you have equipped, factions you’re in, and on and on. The more you talk to your follower, the more new things they’ll have to say, but critically, they’ll mostly only speak when spoken to (I’m looking at you, Mjoll).

-- 3 new weapons, 5 new armors, 1 semi-hidden quest, and 1 new spell for you to find and save the world with!

-- Unravel the mystery of Chatur'jo, but whatever you do, don’t make him angry! 

-- Support for bringing your follower with you through The Forgotten City mod by TheModernStoryteller. ~1000 lines of dialogue and three endings depending on how you play!

Note: Installs like most other mods: Use NMM, open game, play forever!

Let me know what you think! I've tested this mod pretty extensively, but let me know if you have any problems, and I'll do my best to help you out.

Current plans for the future of this mod: Revoicing lines with new mic for increased quality. Adding interfollower conversations. Adventure patches for the Vigilant mod by Vicn, Moonpath to Elsweyr, and Beyond Skyrim: Bruma

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