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Gives visual effects for alcoholic drinks and skooma. Also allows you too make all drinks and skooma.

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This is my first mod. It's a basic mod that gives effects to skooma. It also puts in recipes at cooking pots for alcoholic drinks and skooma. Skooma is found under MISC at the cooking pot. Let me know if I missed a drink, I think I got them all though. I have added an addiction like effect for skooma as a file you can download. This will be updated and given better effects once the CK is released. I have not been able to fix a problem with the effect from the alcohol so in version 1.4 the alcohol visual is pretty much gone and won't be back until I can get it fixed.

Skooma Addiction:

The skooma addiction like effect file adds an "addiction" aspect to skooma. While you still don't get addicted to it, it does give long term negative effects. After taking skooma the player will receive an increase in health and stamina for 90 seconds. After that 90 seconds the player will go in to a "withdrawl" stage where they will get a decrease in health and stamina for a longer amount of time. This obviously makes the player weaker and therefor wanting more skooma which give the "addiction" effect. The same goes for double distilled skooma but the increases last for 120 seconds and the "withdrawl" stage lasts longer. This seems to be about the best I can do without the creation kit right now. Because this gives the fortify effects it makes the skooma rather expensive right now.

WARNING: Skooma and Double Distilled skooma are different and the effects stack so if you take both you will get both debufs. This means that if you have less than 175 health and take both skooma and double distilled you will die when you go into the "withdrawl" stage

The UnderTheInfluence file gives skooma restore health and stamina.

The Expensive Skooma file gives fortify health and stamina but makes the price go up a lot right now. Still working on getting this down to a better price.

Expensive Skooma Update 1.1:
- Skooma is now cheaper but still expensive (around 2000) still working on getting it cheaper
- Skooma now gives speed effect

Update 1.4:
-sadly the nighteye bug was not really fixed so this update gets rid of that effect on the drinks
-some drinks may not have a visual effect now

Update 1.3:
-per request I have added the wabbajack effect to skooma. Keep in mind this casts on the player so it MAY CAUSE INSTANT DEATH, but then again the risk might add to the fun of skooma.

Update 1.2:
-fixed bug that gave night eye effect when a drink was picked up and when weapon was drawn (I had to change the nighteye effect and I do not have a vampire so it would be great if you could let me know if this changes anything for that)
-added craftable moon sugar at the cooking pot (let me know what you think of the recipe, not sure if it is good or not)
-added craftable bowl to the smith to use for the moon sugar

Update 1.1:
Skooma now makes you run, walk and sprint faster
DDSkooma makes you run, walk and sprint even faster
skooma now takes nord mead to make instead of empty skooma bottle

I know there are mods out there that do pretty much the same thing but this is all of them put together in one with a few things added. That being said, if you want a certain part of my mod try these and see if it's what you are looking for.

Alcohol visual:

Alcohol and Skooma recipes:

Skooma visual:

Speed only check out my speed rings mod:


1. Unzip the file
2. Copy the esp into your Skyrim data directory

NOTE: If you decide this is the worst mod ever and hate it so much, be sure you save your game with no visual effects happening BEFORE you delete it. When I save with the effects on then restart the game without the esp the effects are still there and don't seem to go away.