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Camp Argentum is a Legion outpost, manned by a legion of potential follower soldiers, on the Whiterun Tundra.

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A mod by Antiscamp

The Eighth Legion, by orders of His Imperial Majesty, is deploying all available reinforcements to Skyrim in the face of the intensified Stormcloak Insurrection. As you are aware, Imperial military resources are currently somewhat lowered. Available forces are converging at Camp Argentum, strategically placed in the Whiterun Tundra. Your orders are to take command of the forces gathered there and organize defensive and offensive operations in cooperation with the local authorities. Focus will be on fighting the Stormcloak Insurrection. You will be reporting to General Tullius, Solitude Command, Imperial Legion Military Governor in Skyrim.

General Gracius Rufius Barro,
Imperial Commander of The Northern Army,
Imperial Legion High Command


Camp Argentum began as a personal project because I wanted to have a roleplaying environment for my Imperial Legion character. As such, the mod is aimed at people who just want to roleplay a Legion officer or soldier in the Stormcloak War. The mod goes perfectly together with Warzones. In fact, the camp is placed right next to the Redoran Plains Warzone and the legionaries in the camp will actually go out to take part in the fight if it gets too close.

The Camp is inhabited by thirteen NPC's. All of them have suitable Legion roles. There are mostly regular soldiers (1-handed), but also officers (2-handed), and I've included a Battlemage (magic) and an archer (ranged). All the soldiers in the Camp have personal files which are readable in the files Cabinet in the Centurion's Tent, which is an enterable interior. All the NPC's are recruitable as followers. The Amazing Follower Tweaks mod is recommended; with that, you can truly be the commander of your own Legion unit. The NPC's are essential, so they won't die. Not recommended to go close if you're a Stormcloak traitor!

The NPC's have AI packages and live naturally in their camp waiting for the next battle. At Five o'clock each morning, there is a roll call situation where all the soldiers line up and stand at attention for inspection in the center of the camp.

The Camp is heavily inspired by historical Roman military camps and many of the details found in the mod are directly referencing real world history although keeping it all fantasy/Elder Scrolls and lore-friendly. A minimum of new modder's resources have been used because I wanted to keep it all suitably vanilla and rustic looking. Although this, I managed to pop a few things in there; those resources used are listed below in the Notes section.


I recommend manual installation, but that's just me. Nexus Mod Manager should do the trick perfectly well when installing.

For manual installation, copy the contents of the zipped folder and drag it into your Skyrim/Data folder. Be sure to tick the mod in WryeBash or whatever manager you're using. The zipped folder contains an .esp, a .bsa and a music folder as well as two text files.

The map marker is visible from the start. It's located in the Whiterun Tundra.


Credits and thanks: MEO for MEO's Tents for All modder's resource ( Tamira for her Rugs and Wall Hangings found in her Assorted Modder's Resources ( Artisanix for Paintings and Frames modder's resource( All resources are used with permission.

In the screenshots, the NPC's have UNPB bodies for female and SAM for male. Female face texture is UNP and male is Urshi's.

Do not change and/or upload to anywhere else. Do NOT charge money for my mod! This is for the Nexus only. Thank you. Permissions for further modding and improvements will be liberally granted if you just ask.

NOTE: This is the first release, and as such, further balancing and tweaks will maybe have to be done. The NPC's haven't been properly tested as followers. There are a couple of ideas I'd still like to explore with this, like making a Stormcloak-friendly version of it where the essentialness of the Legionaries is turned off and you can storm the camp at the head of the rebel army. Also note that thirteen new NPC's may cause performance hits (especially in conjunction with that heavily populated Warzone, if you have that mod installed). Report any problems and send me comments and suggestions! Vote up and like!

Stormcloak Version:
For all you brothers of the glorious rebellion out there who feel the need to spill milkdrinker blood, I've published a special ESP in the Optional Files which makes the camp inhabitants aggressive to the player. The Legion pigs will attack on sight. Bring some Stormcloak friends and show them how we do it here up North! Note that the Legionaries will attack you also if your're not a Stormcloak with this version. The camp was also made to look more like a battlefield, with fires burning and the statics spread out in disorder, which produced an epic result.

I've also created a Stormcloak camp similar to this one. Check out Camp Varglya.


1.0 Initial Release Jan 16, 2016

My development blog with more modding fun:


Antiscamp, Jan 2016