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Bijin AIO-2016
Allows Bijin Warmaidens, Bijin NPC's, Bijin Wives and Seranaholic\Valerica by rxkx22 to be managed by a single, AIO ESP. Features comprehensive bug-fixes and updates from latest USLEEP, along with some extra features not found in the Bijin mods.

Permissions and credits
     Bijins All-in-One-2016


 Bijin AIO-2016 permits Bijin Warmaidens, NPC and Wives by rxkx22 to be managed by a single ESP.  This is more than an esp replacer, but also incorporates numerous updates, bug-fixes, along with some extra features not found in Bijin's. Multiple options to choose from.  

Final Release: Bijin Series 3.1.1

Note: Barring any updates to the NPCs covered by this mod via the final USLEEP updates in 2018, this mod and its files should be considered the FINAL version for Skyrim Classic. Thanks for the many endorsements this mod has received and I am glad so many found it helpful and beneficial. Bijin AIO for SSE, will continue to receive active support and attention.

All versions as of 3.1+ include Werewolf transformation bug-fix as well as Delphine hood\hair clipping fix. There is no need for any 3rd party 'fixes'. Bijin AIO is up-to-date in all respects.

-Bijin AIO 2016-Legendary        NPCs (45) The 'standard' Bijin AIO version
-Bijin AIO 2016_SV                     NPCS (47) Adds Bijin Seranaholic AND Valerica Option to Bijin AIO-2016 (built on Legendary)  

Optional: An extra file, with 2 earlier, and arguably, superior versions of Iona and Frea is also available here. Complete with all required assets.
Just install and overwrite.

Additional Features
-Includes: Shut up Mjoll (all versions). Reduces her endless chatter somewhat, making her actually tolerable as a follower.
-All three versions of Legate Rikke have set with Bijin features.

 -Wherever fine-looking Bijin Ladies can be found.

-Bijin Warmaidens v3.1.1 (or greater)
-Bijin NPC's v1.2
-Bijin Wives v1.1.1 *
-Seranaholic v1.6
-Valerica 1.7 

-USLEEP* 3.0.9+
* Bijin AIO users do not need to D/L or install the Bijin Wives 1.1.1 update file, AIO already includes the 1.1.1 update in all versions.

Installation 3.1.1+

AIO-2016 is completely safe to update, add mid-game or remove. It uses no scripts and consumes no more resources than bijins files, possibly less. 

-Install ALL the necessary Bijin mods for your selected version. Choose All in One installation options, along with w/e graphics options you wish.
-Install Bijin AIO file of your choice using your Mod Manager.
-Uncheck ALL bijin esps-you can delete the Bijin ESPs afterwards if you wish. Do NOT remove or alter any Bijin textures or meshes. 
-Only the the Bijin AIO-2016 esp needs to be ticked and active when finished. 
-Simply delete /data/Bijin AIO.esp or uninstall using your Mod Manager.
-Re-enable esps, or reinstall all bijin mods normally.


Bijin AIO will conflict with any other mod(s) that changes the same NPCs. Any mods that modify the same NPC's may result in much fugliness-you have been warned. For best results, uninstall any competing NPC makeover mods.
See:installing other NPC makeovers below 

-Bijin AIO esp's come with most all USLEEP updates forwarded. Something the original Bijin do not(always). There are no conflicts between Vanilla\USLEEP and the Bijin NPCs as far as their expected behavior, stats etc, in game.
Bijin AI0-2016 is intended to be used with ALL BIJIN NPCS enabled(thats what All-in-One means). More advanced users, are of course free to mix and match NPC's from other makeover mods as you wish, but there is no official support for this. Feel free to ask other users in forum for help with mix-n-matching NPC's from other mods.

-Relationship Dialogue Overhaul(or any dialogue overhaul mod) and (Shut up Mjoll) 
-The above mod (RDO) is: Not one I can recommend, due to the significant  amount of unsolicited content and bloat, that has nothing to do with dialogues in that mod. 
AIO and follower dialogue overhauls(any). If you use any dialogue overhauls, or if AIO's feature bothers you for some unknown reason, the 'fix' is simple enough. Just place AIO above the dialogue overhaul in your load order. That is all you need to do. There is nothing in AIO (Mjoll) that will break her dialogues even if other dialogue overhauls are used. Use the built in feature, or your dialogue mods.

-Installing other mods that modify same NPCs as Bijin AIO.
--This is quite doable. Best practice as follows.
1) un-install ALL NPC related makeover mods. Bijin and the alternate NPC makeover mod(s).
2) Install all necessary Bijin mods and files-FIRST, including AIO, follow all standard AIO install steps.
3) Install the NPC makeover you prefer(last) - Allow ALL over-writes when prompted*
4) Ensure the alternate NPC makeover mods ESP is BELOW Bijin AIO in your load order.

*This is the most important part. Failing to allow overwrites of Bijin Textures and meshes will result in visual error on NPCs in question. Messed that part up? Re-install.

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This mod could not exist without: rxkx22! Thanks for his approval and ongoing support of this project.