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Retextured Farmhouses.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: I am happy to allow anybody to use my work in your mods. Anything I make, and release, can be considered a modders resource.

However, this only applies to those who are providing the work freely. You may NOT use my work in any mod that you intend to accept donations for. I do not work so you can profit off my efforts. Please respect my wishes.

Replaces the "farmhouse" building textures with new, and a few altered Beth textures.

This is NOT a super high res texture re-placer. All diffuse textures are the same dimensions as the original textures. The normal maps have been increased to 1024 from 512 to match the dimensions of the diffuse textures. All textures should be saved in properly compressed DDS formats. If there are any issues regarding incorrect compression, or any other issues, please let me know.

Merge with your Data>Textures>Farmhouse folder

Remove files from the folder mentioned above.

UPDATE February 1:

Update 3:

Uploaded file with folder structure. Should install properly now.

Update 2:

Added screenshots with ENB off.


Improved mip maps to reduce/remove flickering issues.

Fixed walkway over brightness when using ENB

Improved Shingles normal map for more depth.

Added woodpost texel density fix. This is the only texture at 2048x2048 due to 1024 not being quite good enough to fix the issue. I also adjusted the normal map a bit so it looks less "chunky."

Please share your thoughts, problems (with the textures, not your life issues, I am not a shrink), suggestions, and so on.

UPDATE January 29:

~~~~~Update 2:
Added an optional fix for the wood posts. It is my attempt at fixing the texel-density issue with some of the wood posts. I uploaded a new comparison screenshot showing the difference.

Also note that the new textures are at 2048. I tried to fix the problem with 1024 textures but it simply wasn't working. The only way to fix this issue otherwise is by re-doing the UV's for all the effected poles. I however am far to lazy to do that. :)

Added a patch and full update conataining the missing roof01 texture.

If you are downloading after this date you do not need the patch file.

Added some more screens showing the textures in better lighting conditions. A lot of the orange color in the comparison pic's comes from the setting sun.