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A player starter home near the outskirts of riften

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The Riften lodge

Hello all and welcome to my first mod
This is the Riften lodge, a small player home on the outkirts of Riften.
I got inspired into making this because of the Dragonborn gallery mod, playing as a relic hunter i found it unimmersive to live in big estates.
Also i always loved the feel of Riften, and since i could only find a lot of large homes i decided to make my own!

This player home was built with a not so wealthy playstyle in mind. The type of player to go home, quickly craft something and then sell off loot at vendors will feel right at home here.

Crafting station wise it contains a forge, a whetstone, workbench, smelter, alchemy lab, enchanting table and a few cheap ingredients lying about.

Since i like to live averagely-wealthy in my game i added in  a staff basket with 3 staves to sell for quick starter cash (around 6k depending on speechcraft) or to use in battle.