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Enemies now mean it when they say they yield.

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This page is now deprecated. True Yield has been updated into the Merciful perk as part of my Speech Tree mod.

I yield! I yield! Mercy!

But then they always get right back up and throw themselves at your sword. Aren't you sick of enemies pretending to yield, with no one ever actually doing it? I've come up with a method for making enemies actually yield in combat, something I know many players have asked for.

With True Yield, hostile NPCs who enter bleeding out status (fall to their knees) are calmed to immediately break them from combat. During this time, your pickpocket chance on them is maximized. When they stand up, they will run away in fear for a short distance. At the end of this fear effect, if you chased them down, they will resume combat as normal. If you let them run away, they will become calmed and stop attacking. Yielding is only temporary. Once you leave the area and come back, targets will be hostile again.

This is inactive during brawls or any other time the player is set to be essential.

Unzip the file into your Data folder and activate then using whatever mod manager you use. My data folder is located in "C:/Program Files x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/" and I'd imagine yours is something similar. Now open the console in the game and type:
Player.AddPerk XX001004
Replace XX with the load order of this mod. This applies the True Yield perk to you.