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Lightsaber sound pack for Magicka Sabers

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Star Wars Lightsaber Sounds Expanded 4.0

4.0 UPDATE Released 12/16/17

Customize your lightsaber as you see fit!

Hey, buddy -fantastic mod! Love the sounds. Never has dashing around Skyrim, slashing bandits with a saber been more "immersive."
Volume NOTE:

The volume of the sounds have been optimized for the sound in game so pay no attention how they sound with media player,
they will appear very loud but in game they are leveled.

Sound sets have own swings/hum/idles/on/off sounds in addition to the extras!

Sets Include:

Darth Maul - Episode 1
Darth Vader - Episode 5 & Rogue One
Luke Skywalker - Episode 6
Kylo Ren - Episode 7
Episode 7 - Blue Saber
Episode 8 - Blue Saber on/ignite from Snokes Throne Room

Additional Hum & on/off sounds


First you need to install Magicka Sabers mod:

or Unique Magicka Sabers for the crossguard saber


Put the sound wav files in your Skyrim/Data/Sound/Fx/wpn/Magicka Sabers folder

Sound sets:

Replace the files in the default with the files in the sound set of your choice


Here is where you can create your own custom lightsaber sound using any sound set or combination!

Add the below files to the Skyrim/Data/Sound/Fx/wpn/Magicka Sabers folder where you put the default files!


You can add whatever swings you want to your liking just MAKE SURE YOU RENAME THEM TO fx_swing_saber_0x X MEANING THE NUMBER OF THE SABER SWING 1 THROUGH 4! If you want to hear a sound more than others just add it again under a different number.


To add custom Hum/Idles replace wpn_saber_loop with desired choice.

Alternate on/off:

To add alternate on/off sounds replace wpn_saber_ignite_on & wpn_saber_ignite_off

All sounds made & edited with pro editing software, you can upload it anywhere just give proper credits

Special thanks to Opsguy,FafnirEterion,Lord Haun,Star Wars,Big Matt