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1h and 2h axes fashioned in orcish style.

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Available for Xbox on
As part of Garrus's Axe Compilation by Tarshana's mod team
Available for Skyrim SE by Hilli1 here.

War Leader's Axe

   Looking for an axe worthy of your orc warchief, barbarian, shieldman or warrior? Some sturdy weapon to chop heads and split shields?

   This mod adds two new axes, both 1 handed and 2 handed with unique meshes and custom made 4k textures. Both axes come in orcish and steel versions, for you to pick what suits best to your eye and your character. Axes are craftable in forge under steel and orcish smithing and can be upgraded and enchanted.

   1h orcish - 2 orichalcum ingots, 2 leather strips and 1 firewood
   2h orcish - 4 orichalcum ingots, 2 leather strips and 2 firewoods
   1h steel - 2 steel ingots, 2 leather strips and 1 firewood
   2h steel - 4 steel ingots, 2 leather strips and 2 firewoods

Stats: 1 handed axes have slightly higher damage than steel war axe (for steel version) and orcish war axe (for orcish version)
   2 handed axes have slightly higher damage than steel and orcish battleaxes and are lighter (due to less massive blade)
   All weapons are added to level list.

   2k and 1k textures are available. Use "overwrite" function in Nexus Mod Manager or "merge" in Mod Organizer.
   If the 2h shaft seems to long to you, I have added standalone version with shorter shaft.

Instal directly into \Data folder, or with your mod manager.

   Apperance Skyrim Mod Library #5 thanks to PixelGamer - from 1:13 to 1:51.

   Inspiration for axe shape comes from an axe that was part of one dark souls 2 preorder bonus statue.
   Any bugs report in the comment section and I will try to take care of the as soon as possible.

Have fun crushing enemy hopes.