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A small settlement hidden in the woods of Hjaalmarch.

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Fort Wolfhead
- A border-guard hamlet! -

It is important I think to note incompatibilities first:
- It may exist in the same cells as Bardmont from Forgotten Settlements.

Requirements: Update, Dawnguard, Dragonborn, Hearthfire.

"Wolfhead. Wolf's-head. Meaning outlaw. Ironic."

Fort Wolfhead is a new town mod nestled in the deep wood and mountains of western Hjaalmarch, across the way from Meeko's Shack, with a free player home meant to be the abode of a Hold's Thane. It was partly inspired by Saxon motte-and-bailey castles. Here, the town is primarily occupied by Hjallmarch warriors who guard the roads to and from Dragon Bridge and Morthal. The town comes with several aesthetic and unique features!

Thank you to Oaristys for his modder's resource pack! Also included is my special Raven Rock door texture.
Special thanks to COOLJ808 for his tips for AI and Navmesh alternatives.

The town includes:
The Highway Tap: A tiny roadside inn run by a guard that sells food and drink, and also has free beds with no need to charge. Outside is also a wandering peddler selling alchemy ingredients.
Sunstone Cabin: The smithy of the town! Here, the Sunstone family runs the small farm and blacksmith area, and houses the two miners. There are some farm foods, chickens and cows.
Fenris Mine: Your very own Soulgem mine! Run with a unique wooden lift down to the mines, which also has a couple gem ore veins.
Heiress Traders: Serving as the town's general goods store, the place doubles as Anska's personal home and work area once you've completed her quest! Honestly, she puts the local guardsmen to shame. Her having a home is what inspired the mod. I hated her spending her days in that dungeon.
The town in general is meant to blend DLC resources to look like it belongs nicely in the area, and maintains a few special statics and containers.

This town also brings you the Thane's keep:
- It is a free home; I may make a dungeon for it in the future, but otherwise you may feel it's granted as a reward once you become Thane.
- Fully compatible with Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions! (But only 2 children's beds)
- A large companions hall, with dueling hallway with a mannequin on either end.
- 2 side bedrooms, 1 master and 1 for children and a follower.
- Several weapon displays and storage containers, typical of the size of vanilla Skyrim homes.
- A royal and mystical feel, with special statics and light sources!

This mod has been the most successful of mine that deals with proper Navmesh collision boxes and AI Packages. I'm rather proud of this one, so if there's ever a need to edit the file, please let me know. And thank you for downloading!