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quickly load & view poses from ESPs, create collections of poses in-game

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## What?
This is a solution aimed for screen-archers (the ones struggling from pose -rings, -spells), to load poses from ESPs, apply poses on actors and PC, create collections of poses in-game. Collections are plain text files and are shared across all playthroughs
## Why?
Because I can. Just for reference, there are more than 4K poses which were be added by various mods
## Concept
There are two pose collection slots. Each slot may contain one pose collection, you can select and put any pose collection into the slot.
- Edit slot - to edit its pose collection. (delete, copy, rename, add or remove poses from it & etc)
- View slot - to browse its pose collection i.e. apply poses on actors, add (favorite) or remove current pose into Edit's collection.

By 'current pose' here I mean the ONLY pose applied with Pose-Picker. Select NPC with cursor to be able to apply poses on them
I have added bunch of hotkeys, everything must be pressed in conjunction with left Alt key. There is MCM to adjust keys, disable/enable the mod
- L - load poses from selected ESP/ESM, create collection containing loaded poses, and put it into the View slot
- O - select pose collection, put it into the View slot
- Mouse wheel - iterate over View's collection poses, apply the poses on actors. You can move back and forth

- Z - perform various actions on Edit's pose collection - delete, rename, copy etc
- X - select pose collection, put it into the Edit slot
- V - visit nearby poses - i.e. the ones from the same plugin, the ones having Idle ID close to current pose, the ones looking similar(?) to current pose. Questionable feature
- G - favorite current pose. Add the pose into Edit's pose collection
- U - un-favorite current pose. Remove the pose from the collection in the Edit slot

## Notes

- The collections you created in-game located in "Data\PosePicker\PoseCollections" folder
- The concept may change with time or the mod may stuck in its current state
- Despite WIP state, it's safe to use this mod, and you can uninstall it anytime, just disable it in MCM first

## Requirements


And of course it requires some mod which adds poses. The mod comes with "Halo's Poses" collection, IF you want to use this collection you'll have to install Halo's poses

## Legal stuff
Don't re-upload the mod without my permission.
Of course you are free to share any JSON files (i.e. pose collections in PoseCollections folder) - it is one of the purposes of this mod