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Sexy Riften v2.0 - A total retexturing of the city of Riften for lovers of vibrant, sexy goodness.

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Update 2/17/12 Added Sexy Riften 2.0

DESCRIPTION: I give you Sexy Riften v2.0, a near-complete retexturing of the city of Riften, and a companion piece to my other mods -
Sexy Solitude v1
Sexy Whiterun v3
Sexy Winterhold
Sexy Windhelm v2
Sexy Villages and Towns
Sexy Boats

This new version v2.0, like Sexy Whiterun 3.0, is more in line with my Winterhold and Villages mods, and goes beyond just saturating the colors of the original textures, as I've retextured almost every single inch of Riften using photographs and all manner of digital manipulation to make this hive of scum and scummy and villainy. This time out, the textures are all 1024x1024, but, once again, to keep framerates manageable, I've left most of the normal maps at their 512x512 default sizes.

So what's new in Sexy Riften v2.0?

Well, the main complaint I got about Sexy Riften 1.0 was that everything looked too RED and too new, so, this time out, I've decided to both tone things down and rough things up. I've replaced all of the wood, added almost all new stone (save for the walkway and market floor as I like those textures), and tried to keep things a little on the rustic side. I've gone back to bark covered logs, used some grunge techniques to weather the planks, and even splashed some mud around.

I completely remade the doors as I wasn't a big fan of the previous version's. They looked too plastic to me. These fit in much better and are a bit more muted. I also remade the windows with a bubbled glass look, new reflection, and added stained glass round windows and small dormer windows. Gates are now wrought iron rather than totally rusted out. Also added some other odds and ends, including new hi-res versions of the banners, new moss, and new green striped tarps over the shop stalls to better match the green rooftops. I even retextured the rope! There is only one vanilla texture in the batch, and that's the fishing net (which you only see down by the docks and, to be honest, it just wasn't worth doing).

Oh, and this time I didn't forget to include the Mara statue in the clutter folder!

Notes on Using with Bethesda HQ Texture Pack: This mod, like most of the texture mods, may not work with the Bethesda HQ textures pack unless you do a few tweaks (or simply disable them, which I recommend as there are much better texture mods out than the official ones!). You can find several workarounds HERE on the Nexus Forums

While I consider this mod "lore friendly" it is NOT for everyone. Those who like the weathered look of vanilla Skyrim should steer clear. Those who like a more fantastical world, ala Oblivion, The Witcher, and Fable, with more vibrant colors, however, should give this one a try!

As with any texture thing I do, it's all for fun and, ultimately, my personal enjoyment. If you don't like it, that's fine, but please don't flame it here as that is AGAINST TOS and your post will be reported. Constructive criticism only, please!

If you use it and like it, an endorsement would be much appreciated! :)

NMM INSTALL: Download with NMM and let it do the install for you OR...

MANUAL INSTALL: Note - There are TWO folders in the textures folder.

Step 1) Copy the "riften" folder out of the zip, and paste it into your "/Data/textures/architecture folder. (ie: "Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/Data/textures/architecture/riften").

Step 2) Copy the "statues" folder and two banner .dds files out of the "clutter" folder on the zip and paste it into your "/Data/textures/clutter" folder (or, if you don't already have a clutter folder made, drag the whole clutter folder into "/Data/textures/".

UNINSTALL: Delete folders or uninstall with NMM.

Sexy Riften v2.0 is a companion piece to my other sexy mods:
Sexy Solitude v1
Sexy Whiterun v3
Sexy Winterhold
Sexy Windhelm
Sexy Villages and Towns

Use them all for to create an ultra-sexy Skyrim!

PLEASE don't IM me to ask if you can upload this to some site in Kazakhstan or Micronesia or translate it into Swahili. For the foreseeable future, my files will be Nexus exclusives, and, while I am more than happy to share this with anyone who wants it, I like to have all the files in one place so I can make changes/updates as I see fit, as well as support anyone who has issues. Thanks for understanding. ;)

Thanks to Bethesda, to whom all of this stuff belongs in the first place!