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Add a bunch of Star Wars Inspired Jedi Robes and Outfits

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Add a bunch of KOTOR Inspired Jedi Robes. This includes :

- Dark Jedi Robes
- Jedi Knight Robes
- Grey Jedi Robes
- Exile Master Jedi Robes
- Echani Jedi Robes

- Jedi Master Robes
- Sith Emperor Robes
- Grey Jedi Master Robes
- Echani Jedi Master Robes

These are sold by merchants... Or you can use AddItem Menu mod to grab a set your self

MALE ONLY at the moment; ladies ! I know I can"t let you down ;) The Weightslider works flawlessly though !

This is the mod you're looking for. You will endorce this mod. You will go see the Force Awakens and come back to say how awesome it was without spoiling it in the comments. And drop your Weapon while leaving.

Ya want moar Star Wars in Skyrim ? here's the link to some cool stuff : : You probably already have it but hey ! maybe not, who knows X) : For awesome new Saber types : A Cool alternative to my mod... Although I prefer my Monk-esque version more : Good, Good... Let this cape flow around you... : Bao-Dur, Dath Maul fan rejoice ! : Despite what the description says... It's no moon : Here's Another race for you, Ladies ! : This one is for fun XD : Red Leader to Red 1 : Here's a great and fun mod for you, over. : PAWAAAAAAAAA ! UNLIMITED.... PAWAAAAAAAAA ! : Good thing there's no kid in Winterhold :X : MOAR PAWAH ! : For all you Droid fans : In order to hold your Lightsaber properly