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This mod is the cheese for your Skyrim burger. I've refined this cheese to have a smooth, cultured taste that generally isn't too overpowering. But to truly enjoy the taste of this mod, you need some good bread and beef and so on to go with it. Good cheese needs to go on good beef. Got it? Good!
It's my collection of changes and additions to make gameplay and rewards more rewarding and fun. A lot of time and attention to detail has been put into every part of the mod to make it work and feel great, so this description only lists the noteworthy changes and the things you might need or want to know.

Includes fixes from the
Unofficial Skyrim Patches (USKP)Weapons & Armor Fixes (WAF) and Guard Dialogue Overhaul (GDO) anywhere changes are made.

Full version requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn.

Enhanced Bound Weapons

- Mystic Binding adds Moonlight Damage to your attacks during the night, and Sun Damage against undead during the day.
- Soul Stealer adds a small amount of Magicka absorption in addition to the Soul Trap.
- Oblivion Binding adds elemental damage, but the fear effect on undead has been removed.
- These perks now require higher skill level to obtain. (MB: 25 - SS: 40 - OB: 60)
- Benefits from all elemental damage increasing perks, but improved/enchanted weapons will still be stronger.
- Spell Tome: Bound Dagger can now be found in all of Skyrim.
- Has fixes from USKP/WAF and tweaks of my own.

Requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn.

Jun Konahrik: King Warlord

- You can craft Jun Konahrik at the Skyforge once you have become the Thane of every hold and attained every Smithing perk.
- Requires all the original Dragon Priest masks (excluding Wooden Mask) and 50.000 gold to forge. Skyrim needs more money sinks.
- Has all enchantments from said Dragon Priest masks.
- Comes in both Light, Heavy and Cloth versions, which you can switch between for a fee of 10.000 gold.
- Light version gets Matching Set bonus from all Elven and Nightingale armor, and Heavy from Daedric.
- It will use any new textures you install for Konahrik.
- Konahrik's effect now makes you explode, damaging enemies and healing allies, and leaving you with a flame cloak for 20 seconds. However, its chance to activate at low health has been decreased so that it won't make you near-immortal, but its chance to summon a Dragon Priest has been increased.
- This module includes fixes and tweaks from USKP, WAF and me to all Dragon Priest Masks except Miraak. They now benefit from matching set and smithing perks that are relevant to their material, ie. Elven Smithing for moonstone. Other mods that change the masks can be loaded after this one for compatibility.

Requires Dragonborn.

Craftable Chillrend

- You can craft an unenchanted replica of Chillrend called Rimeglass Sword. It requires Glass Smithing, Arcane Blacksmith and Deep Freeze to forge.
- Rimeglass Swords have been added to leveled loot lists. So they may rarely be found after level 50 anywhere enchanted Glass Swords can appear.
- Can also be crafted at the Atronach Forge for less materials than at a forge. A recipe for it can be found as random loot among the original recipes.
- Includes an extra loading screen about the swords.
- Frost enchantments placed on Rimeglass Swords are 10% stronger.
- All ranks of Chillrend have had their weight reduced by 1. This means Weight = Base Damage (15 max)
- Chillrend can now be disenchanted to learn Frostfeed, and it now applies the frost slow and damages Stamina as it should. Its chance to paralyze has been reduced from 26% to 10%. The enchantment glow is not meant for other weapons than Chillrend, but it looks fine on some other weapons. With this, you can remake the Chillrend you disenchanted (or two) and add another enchantment. I personally pair it with Silent Moons Enchant.

Requires Dragonborn.

Craftable Miraak's Sword

- You can craft Miraak's Sword at the Skyforge when you have completed the Dragonborn questline. It is not unenchanted.
- Requires Arcane and Daedric Smithing to forge, and the sword now benefits from the Daedric Smithing perk when being improved.
- The crafting recipe scales with your level. The different ranks of the sword become available at these levels: 1 - 45 - 60 - 75
- You can upgrade it from a lower rank to the highest available. It takes less materials than creating a new.
- The sword has infinite charges, and the bugged tentacle attack animation has been removed.
- The new Mora's Gift enchantment Soul Traps the target for 3 seconds and absorbs 10/15/20/25 Health, Stamina and Magicka, depending on level. It can be disenchanted. When enchanting, the enchantment magnitude controls the Soul Trap's duration, the absorption is set to 10 points. The enchantment you can apply becomes 50% stronger if you have completed the quest for Oghma Infinium.
Power corrupts...

Requires Dragonborn.

Craftable Nightingale Armor, Weapons & Arrows

- You can craft unenchanted Nightingale Armor, Weapons and Arrows once Darkness Returns to Nirn. The elegant arrows and quiver are made by FrankFamily.
- The armor requires Advanced Armors to craft, and the weapons and arrows require Ebony Smithing. They all require Arcane Blacksmith too.
- The 25 armor rating bonus from wearing the full set has been changed to 25% Health Regeneration.
- Fixes and tweaks, which also affect the pieces you get through the questline.

Requires Dawnguard.

Craftable Snow Elf Armor (Ancient Falmer Armor)

- Auriel grants the knowledge of Snow Elven Smithing to the champion who finds his bow, including the lost art of making Powdered Mammoth Tusks, which are required for the armor. You must also know Elven, Arcane and Advanced Smithing to craft the armor.
- Snow Elf Crown has been fixed, changed to Light Armor, given 13 armor and added to the loot list of the boss who drops the set.
- Added a 25% Health Regeneration set bonus for wearing a full set of Snow Elf armor.
- Additional fixes and tweaks.

Requires Dawnguard.

Rebalanced Bullseye

- The Bullseye perk's chance to paralyze has been reduced from 16% to 5%, and the paralysis now lasts 5 seconds instead of 10. It was absurdly overpowered.
- In return, the perk also makes bows ignore 15% of a target's armor.
- The paralysis effect will ragdoll the target, making the target collapse instead of becoming stiff as a board.

No requirements.

Projectile Speed Tweak

- All arrows and bolts fly 38% faster, and they fly further before dropping towards the ground. It's more realistic and makes archery more satisfying.
- Inspired by ABT, and finely tuned for my preference. You can load ABT after the full version of this mod to use ABT instead if you wish.
- See this post for required tweaks through skyrim.ini.

Requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn.

Improved Unique Items & Misc. Changes

Ever felt like most of the unique items in Skyrim were a joke? Most of us have. I've tried to give some of them a unique feel and make them worth using, without being too overpowered. Includes tons of fixes and tweaks.

Requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn.

Savior's Hide
- Armor increased to 36 (up from 26), putting it between Scaled and Glass armor.
- Benefits from Scaled (Advanced Armors) instead of Ebony Smithing bonuses.
- Gets Matching Set bonus from Hide and Fur in addition to Scaled.
- The 15% Magic Resistance has been changed to Frost Resistance.
- Has 50% Poison Resistance.
- Added 30 Carry Weight.
- Added 20% Health and Stamina regeneration.
- Added 15 Unarmed Damage, making it the only chest armor with Unarmed Damage.

Skull of Corruption
- It originally did 15 damage which increased to 40, despite saying otherwise in the tooltip. It now does 20 points of damage to Health, Stamina and Magicka, and increases to 50 points and slows the target's movement speed by 10% for 5 seconds when powered with dreams. This effect stacks.
- You can now steal dreams from sleeping people once every 12 hours instead of once every 10 days.
- It still has a small AoE when powered with dreams.
- It still ignores magic resistance.
- Made a lot of fixes and tweaks.

The Rueful Axe
- Benefits from Daedric Smithing, and gets Daedric-tier bleeding damage from perks.
- Now swings 6% faster than other battleaxes, instead of 30% slower.
- Now staggers as much as other battleaxes.
- Weight increased from 10 to 18.
- Ignores 25% of a target's armor.
- Counts as a silver weapon.
- Removed the stamina damage enchantment. You can now use Elemental Fury with it.

- Can now be improved at a grindstone.
- Damage increased from 8 to 10 (Ebony).
- Removed the cluttering  "Mortal Wound" effect. Wraithguard doesn't exist in Skyrim anyway, and lore-wise, it shouldn't.
- Enchantment now has 50% chance for each stat to absorb 25 points of Health, Stamina and/or Magicka. Keening resonates, empowering its wielder: Increases Health, Stamina and Magicka by 25 points. Increases Agility by 10%: You move and attack 10% faster, and take 10% reduced stagger and falling damage. These effects come from TES3: Morrowind.

Glass Bow of the Stag Prince
- Now levels up every 25th animal kill instead of every 20th.
- Can level up 10 times (to 250 kills) instead of 4 times (to 80 kills).
- Gains 10 Health and Stamina per level (up to +100) and 1% Agility (up to +10%).
- Does 10 points of Stamina damage, increasing by 2 points every level (up to 30 points).
- Base speed slightly increased, same with Critical Strike chance and damage.
The hunt is on!

Diadem of the Savant Polymath
- Armor increased to 10, which is still very low.
- Benefits from Elven Smithing, Matching Set and Mage Armor.
- Makes life a little easier.

Vampire Royal Armor
- Armor increased from 30 to 34.
- Weight decreased from 9 to 7.
- Magicka regeneration decreased from 125% to 100%.
- Reduces the magicka cost of Conjuration and Illusion spells by 25%.

Mace of Molag Bal
- Benefits from the Daedric Smithing perk.
- Does 15 bleeding damage over 30 seconds.
- Has an 8% chance to make the target flee in horror for 30 seconds.
- The duration of its Soul Trap effect has been increased to 30 seconds.
- Critical Damage increased to 16, which is the same as its base damage.

- Now benefits from the Daedric Smithing perk.
- Damage increased by 1, putting it between Ebony and Daedric Warhammers.
- Now has Critical Damage. (20)
- The enchantment now has infinite charges because it grants a 20% chance to stun targets on power attacks.

Ebony Mail
- The enchantment now does 10 Poison Damage per second instead of 5.
- Added 10% regeneration to all stats.
- Corrected the item tooltip to reflect that the muffle enchantment only works while you're sneaking.

Ebony Blade
- Can now be improved at a grindstone. This change is not lore-friendly, but neither are the blade's effects to begin with. You can choose not to improve it.
- Now has the stats of and acts like a slightly improved ebony greatsword as it should, instead of a one-handed weapon.
- The enchantment gains 1 more point of health absorption every time it ranks up, for a maximum of 35 points (up from 30).
- The enchantment also has 5 Bleeding damage over 5 seconds, which increases every rank and ends up doing 15 damage over 5 seconds.
- Sneak attacks made with this weapon do 3 times normal damage instead of 2.

- Now benefits from the Daedric Smithing perk.
- The enchantment does 15 Fire Damage with increased afterburn damage and 10 Sun Damage. Does an additional 10 Sun Damage against undead.
- Changed the Bane of the Undead explosion that it can trigger by killing an undead. Originally, it made them burn for 4 seconds, and flee for 30 seconds.
The explosion now makes them burn and flee for 10 seconds, doing a total of 110 damage before modifiers.

Auriel's Bow
- Damage increased to 16 (up from 13), putting it between Glass and Ebony Bows.
- The enchantment has been fixed. It now does 20 Sun Damage to anyone, triple to Undead.
- The bow now draws its power directly from the sun; it will never run out of charges!
- Shots Critical Strike 25% more often, so the Rank 3 perk with 20% chance gains 5%. (125% of 20% = 25%)
- Critical Damage increased to 16 (up from 13).

Auriel's Shield
- Changed to Light Armor, for lore consistency and to match the related Snow Elf Armor.
- Because of this, armor rating has been reduced to 30, making it 1 point stronger than a Dragonscale Shield.
- Weight has been reduced to 6.
- Added a hidden 10% block and 10% elemental resist enchant, because dragons.

Miraak (Mask)
- Can now be improved at a workbench. Benefits from Dragonscale and Dragonplate.
- All versions are now Light Armor with 25 armor, to match the rest of the set.
- Enchantment now increases Magicka by 50, Magicka regeneration by 25%, and reduces spell costs and shout cooldown by 10%.

Miraak's Armor Set
- The robes have been changed to Light armor to match the rest of the set, and now have 31 armor.
- Added 25% Poison Resistance to the robes. The tentacle explosion now does 50% of its damage to Stamina.
- Added 20% Destruction and Conjuration spell cost reduction to the gloves.
- Added 10% Stamina regeneration to the boots, and the wearer moves silently and can walk on water.
- Has fixes from USKP/WAF, and everything can be improved with Dragonscale Smithing.
Fight Miraak on Legendary difficulty. ;)

Blade of Woe
- Benefits from the Daedric Smithing perk instead of Steel Smithing.
- Critical Damage doubled to 12, which is the same as its base damage.
- Has all fixes from WAF, so its Attack Speed has been increased by 30% to match other daggers.
- The new Kiss of Death enchantment absorbs 10 Health and makes the target bleed 30 points of Health, Stamina and Magicka over 10 seconds. This is more true to the style of enchantments the blade had in the past.
Hail Sithis!

Staff of Magnus
- Now drains 30 points of Magicka per second instead of 20. If target is out of Magicka, drains Health instead.
- The effect has been fixed and costs less enchantment charge per second.
- The staff wards its user with the Shield of Magnus, absorbing 20% of the Magicka from incoming spells and regenerating 1% Health every 2 seconds.
This effect comes from TES3: Morrowind.

- Can be improved and counts as Ebony, giving it bleeding damage from perks.
- Now has Critical Damage. (20)
- Can be enchanted.
- The 20% bonus damage now affects all types of elves. Some were missing.
- Has all fixes from USKP/WAF, such as tooltip correction.

Shield of Ysgramor
- Now benefits from Ebony Smithing.
- Armor increased from 30 to 33, which is 1 armor higher than an Ebony Shield.
- The enchantment now has 20% Magic Resistance, 20% Frost Resistance, and 20% increased blocking.

The Pale Blade
- Is now unleveled.
- WAF: Damage increased to 12.
- WAF: Weight reduced to 13.
- Does 25 base frost damage and twice as much Stamina damage.
- Creatures up to level 16 flee for 30 seconds.
- The tooltip now shows the correct enchantment values.
- All sorts of minor improvements.

Red Eagle's Bane
- Has the same stats as The Pale Blade.
- Does 25 base fire damage with slightly improved afterburn.
- Undead up to level 16 flee for 30 seconds.
- The tooltip has been corrected.
- Minor improvements.

- Counts as Honed Draugr material. (Dwarven Smithing)
- Damage increased to 10.
- Critical Damage doubled to 10.
- Does 10 non-resist damage to Health, Stamina and Magicka.
Has unlimited charges. Good for followers.

Harkon's Sword
- Added 20 deathfrost damage (poison + frost), which work even if you're a mortal.
- The strength of the stat absorptions have been reduced to 10 each.
- All effects benefit from Augmented Frost.
- Range increased by 5% from the default sword value, and attack speed by 3%.
- Tweaks from WAF. New stats: 12 Damage, 9 Weight.

Tenchi (Akaviri Sword)
- Now uses this beautiful model by cnyylzy123456789.
- Silversteel: Counts as a silver weapon and benefits from Steel Smithing.
- Damage and weight improved by 1: 12 Damage, 9 Weight.
- Has increased Critical Strike chance and damage.
- Range and attack speed increased by 5%.
- Ignores 25% of a target's armor.
- Can be enchanted.

- Can be enchanted.
- Value increased to 666.
- Imbued with burning hatred towards horkers.
- Guards may sense the foul evil in this weapon if GDO is installed.

Additional Changes
Targe of the Blooded bash does 25 damage over 5 seconds.
Dwarven Black Bow of Fate absorption increased to 50 points.
- Increased the Magicka regeneration on the Masque of Clavicus Vile to 25%.
- Spellbreaker has 10% magic resistance and benefits from Dwarven Smithing.
- Grimsever is now a Glass Greatsword to match Mjoll's preference for two-handed weapons.
Mehrunes' Razor ignores 25% of armor, has 12 base damage, and benefits from Daedric Smithing.
- The Gauldur Amulet has 15% regeneration to the stat on each fragment.
- Savos Aren's Amulet also makes you stagger 15% less from incoming attacks.
- Kyne's Token now reduces damage taken from animals by 15% and increases the damage of bows by 30%.
- Fixed Amulet of Articulation, and you always get the best version of it. It can be improved, but doesn't benefit from any Smithing perk.
Eduj and Okin reduce your shout cooldown by 15% and increase your Frost Resistance by 30% when wielded together.
- Bolar's Oathblade has been improved and now also reduces damage taken from dragons and animals by 10%.
- Notched Pickaxe can be disenchanted to learn the Storm Notch enchant, which has unique afterburn damage.
- Poacher's Axe does 10 extra damage to animals. It can be disenchanted and has no charge cost. Good for followers.
- Briarheart Geis does 15 extra damage to Nords, and CRF is no longer required to find it. It can be disenchanted and has no charge cost. 
- Silent Moons Enchant's effect Moonlight Damage does 25% of its damage to Magicka and has improved mechanics.
- Bleeding Damage from perks has been balanced to a point where it actually matters. Orcish axes cause the longest bleeds, and Daedric the strongest.
- Improved random enchanted weapon loot lists. Instead of finding tons of Iron Weapons, you'll find more Steel Weapons, and a little more of other types.
- Guard Shields are light armor, have 3 more armor, and benefit from Steel Smithing. The streets of Skyrim are a little safer.
- Blessings from Shrines last 12 hours instead of 8.
- Includes the Vampire Lord drain with Serana fix.
- Includes the faster stand up animations by Darkangel13. (Optional)

Recommended Texture Packs
Icy Chillrend
Nightingale Prime Armor
Nightingale Prime Weapons - Delete NightingaleArrows.esp
aMidianBorn Blade of Woe
aMidianBorn Book of Silence 
Psychosteve's DragonPriest Masks
Not Another Dawnbreaker Mod
Not So Ancient Falmer Armor HD
Harkon's Sword - HD Retexture (2K)
Auriel's Bow - HD Retexture (2K)
Auriel's Shield - HD Retexture (2K without scratches)
Shield of Ysgramor HD + Size Reduction and Mesh Fix

Get yourself a mudcrab, a chicken and a horker as pets for complete viking immersion.


Installation with NMM or MO is recommended. You can install everything as one .esp or as individual modules. A version without perks is also included.
Uninstalling should be relatively safe and straight-forward, as the mod saves no script data in your save game. But I recommend unequipping any enchanted items that this mod changes before installing, uninstalling or updating from an old version. There's a cupboard in Septimus Signus' Outpost with all the irreplaceable items you can potentially lose by uninstalling; grab the ones you'll lose before uninstalling!
This mod is simple, clean, and made with compatibility in mind, but certain mods may require a Bashed Patch to get all the changes from both mods. It should especially be loaded after any item overhauls or fixes like USKP, WAF or CRF. If you want to use one specific mod's version of an item instead of my version, try loading that mod after this one and see if it works. Except for that, it doesn't really matter where you put this mod in your load order.

ere's a short example of a good load order:

Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch
Skyrim Project Optimization
Lanterns of Skyrim
Climates of Tamriel
Cutting Room Floor
Guard Dialogue Overhaul
Weapons & Armor Fixes
Clothing & Clutter Fixes
Smithing Perks Overhaul
Complete Crafting Overhaul
Wet & Cold
OBIS - Organized Bandits in Skyrim
ETaC - Expanded Towns and Cities
Immersive Creatures
Immersive Patrols
Argonil's Mod
Psychosteve's Dragon Priest Masks
Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim
Capable Housecarls
Amazing Follower Tweaks
Alternate Start - Live Another Life
Bashed Patch

This mod is also available for Skyrim Special Edition here.