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An edit to Collete in Winterhold

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Hello, my name is KageRedux and I'm new to modding. I am in no way a modder, and therefore can only tinker with very little things, like appearance.

Check the forum for updates about Colette

This mod edits the appearance, and a few stats about Colette, the Restoration master, in the College of Winterhold. I didn't like the way she appeared, nor did I like her voice, so I changed them to something more appealing. I also added her to the follower and marriage faction and made her a friend of the player (No longer is she such a b*tch to you all the time). 

She can be found in various spots of Winterhold. I hope you enjoy. 

Feel free to upload photos of her. If you include her in a video, please link it to me. 

Apachii for creating Apachii hair