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Adds a frosty haze to your ENB preset that gives Skyrim a very Nordic feel

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I felt that graphics presets giving the game an overall theme that matches the tone and atmosphere of a Nordic game were somewhat lacking, so I decided to make a SweetFX Preset that you can add to any enb preset on the nexus to make it feel more Nordic. Like something you'd see in a Viking Movie.
I personally use HeliosDouble6's HD6 Cinematic enb preset but you're free to use whatever you want with this. Be warned though, it may look strange with certain presets, I designed it over HD6 Cinematic ENB, and haven't tested it with other presets. Screenshots are with HD6 ENB.

Instructions on how to use Enb with SweetFX here:
How to Use Enb with SweetFX

HD6 Enb:
HeliosDoubleSix's HD6 Cinematic ENB

Download SweetFX Ver. 1.5 Here:
SweetFX Ver. 1.5

Remove all previous ENB-related files from your main skyrim folder. It's OK if you miss some. Recommend deleting to the recycle bin, so you can restore the files to their original location easily, if you accidentally delete something important.Delete the following:Anything with ENB in the filename, including any ENB folderWrapperVersion folder, or anything that says InjectorAny .fx filesAny sweetfx folder or filesUninstall SweetFX Configurator if you see it listed under windows add/remove programsRemove ENB and/or sweetfx from nexus mod manager. Mods that sort of "assist" ENB or lighting are probably ok to leave alone.Download some kind of ENB. There are many out there. The most basic (original) one is found here: link to latest version 0.251 downloadKeep the original ZIP, RAR, or .7z file when you download any ENB!Download SweetFX manually (don't use nexus mod manager) - stable version is 1.51, there's an alpha 2.0 out there if you want to google for it. Anyway, click the Files tab on the above site, ignore the big green button, click the smaller blue "download manually" link.Again, keep the original ZIP, RAR, or .7z file.Download SweetFX configurator. ...Don't install yet. But go ahead and keep the ZIP.Copy the SweetFX zip file, and the ENB zip file, to your main Skyrim folder. The one that has TESV.exe.Unzip the SweetFX zip directly to this folder. We need to get SweetFX installed FIRST. Actually, there's no installer, you're just unzipping a bunch of files. You'll see those new files + a SweetFX folder appear. If it asks to overwrite something, you probably had leftovers from a previous SweetFX install, so just say yes.It's helpful at this point to explain what's happening here: The main file that adds all the cool SweetFX visual effects to skyrim is d3d9.dll ...all the other files are sort of settings and support files for this main important file. If this file is available, skyrim will use it and modify the graphics.ENB also uses a d3d9.dll file, to insert visual effects into skyrim. But we need to get both DLL's working at the same time. If you overwrite one with the other, then you will have only SweetFX, or only ENB, or worse... the game just crashes.I'll explain how we get both DLL's working in the next steps. For now, just get SweetFX installed.Find the ZIP with sweetFX configurator. Don't worry about where you place the zip file, just unzip it and run setup.exe to install it. I think it launches right away afterwards. Click Add New Game (bottom left), and browse your way to a skyrim executable. If you're using Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) then point it to the file "skse_loader.exe" ...if you're not, you can point it to "TESV.exe"A bunch of presets should appear, play around with them. Sharpness and Vibrance (saturation, basically) make the game look great when jacked up above the defaults, IMO. Click "Save New Config" once you've activated the presets you like. Keep the program running. Click Launch Selected Game. If all goes well, skyrim runs and you see improved graphics. You can toggle SweetFX on and off using the Scroll Lock key on your keyboard. If you see no difference at all when you tap Scroll Lock, it may not be working properly. One way to be 100% sure is to enable the "monochrome" setting under SweetFX. All the game's graphics will appear in black and white if it's working.Assuming SweetFX runs fine, quit the game. Find the d3d9.dll file in your skyrim folder and rename it to "SWEETFXd3d9.dll" without the quotes.Now unzip whatever ENB you downloaded earlier. It should ask to overwrite a bunch of files... files ending in .ini, and .fx. It will also probably extract a new d3d9.dll ...since you renamed the sweetFX version of this file, the game will not use it anymore. But it will use the d3d9.dll you just unzipped.Note some ENB's don't come with their own d3d9.dll file, instead they are just a collection of settings (the .ini and .fx files) that are intended to work with the d3d9.dll that is included with basic ENB. The one I linked in step 3. If you downloaded and unzipped this basic ENB, it sticks all the files into a subfolder called ENB.Because the files aren't in the MAIN skyrim folder, skyrim won't use them. So you need to move them out of the ENB subfolder, and into your main folder. When you do this, you'll be asked to overwrite stuff, say yes.At this point if you run the game, ENB will be working, but not sweetFX, because that important SWEETFXd3d9.dll file isn't being used anymore... the game will use the d3d9.dll you just unzipped. You'll know ENB is working right away because as soon as you see the Bethesda logo (or maybe it's on the title screen) You'll see a little message at the top left "ENBSeries by Boris Vorontsov" and some other text. You can confirm by pressing shift+Enter, a config screen should pop up. If you don't see either of these things, ENB is not working. Quit out of the game and double check the above steps.Once ENB is working, exit the game. Here's the crucial part. We need to get both those .DLL files working together. To do this, find the file "enbseries.ini" in your main skyrim folder. Double click it to edit it. Near the top you'll see some lines under the [PROXY] category. Make them look exactly like this:[PROXY]EnableProxyLibrary=trueInitProxyFunctions=trueProxyLibrary=SWEETFXd3d9.dllSave and close enbseries.ini. Note that if you ever overwrite this file, add a new ENB, or deactive/reactive SweetFX, the above settings change will be lost and you need to redo this step.Cross your fingers, if you launch skyrim now (you can use the SweetFX configurator to do it) you should now see both the ENB effects, and SweetFX effects. Look for the ENB message to pop up on the title screen, and use scroll lock to see if the spinning Skyrim icon changes, or the title screen text. You don't need to load your save to confirm they're both working.If they're both working, try to load your last save or some other save. If the game crashes, you might try temporarily turning off both sets of effects (there's a "use effects" checkbox, if you press shift+enter... this disables enb's effects... then use scroll lock to disable SweetFX).