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Calling upon the powers of Kormir, the goddess of order, spirit, and truth... this greatsword has drawn power from the collective spirits of long dead warriors to bring eternal rest to it's foes.

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Note: This is part of a collection of weapons. If there are bugs or problems please let me know. Thanks. :)
         sub-note: I never want this file or any of my other files uploaded onto the steam workshop.

And so did Kormir and her allies engage the dark god Abaddon in titanic battle. And through her power, and their combined skill and bravery, and
the blessings of the Nine True Gods, did Abaddon at last face his
ultimate defeat

Yet the power of a god cannot be destroyed, and Kormir, making a choice that only a mortal could make, did take upon herself the mantle
of the Goddess of Truth, with all its power and responsibility, all its
dominion and duties.

And so by mortal hands did a new immortal enter creation.

How to Obtain the Greatsword:

The first method of obtaining it is by crafting.
It's craftable under the Daedric Category of any forge.

The second method is by using the console.
When in-game, press the ~ (tilde) button (in the upper-left corner of most keyboards).
Then type help Kormir
After, simply type player.additem xxxxxx 1, the xxxxxx being the ID number, and the 1 being the Quantity that you want.

More of my stuff:
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  • Guild Wars 2 - For being an AWESOME game with a vibrant lore and tons of great art/weapons/armors.
  • The skyrimnexus community for being wonderful people still, after so many years.
  • My girlfriend who deals with my small detail fidgeting when I ask "this or this?.... Or this? What about this?"