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This mod turns Ulfric Stormcloak into a fully voiced female. There are CBBE, UNP, UNPB, and SevenBase options available.

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This mod turns jarl Ulfric Stormcloak into a female.There are CBBE, UNP, UNPB, and SevenBase options available.

Also if loading an old save you will need to either wait for her inventory to be refreshed 3 days ingame, or use the resurrect command, to get her wearing new clothes and blonde hair color

She is fully voiced, with the original dialogue lines replaced by a fantastic female voice actress.
Thank You luviabloodmire for recording all 764 lines of dialogue!

There is also an alternative enhanced audio update file made by an anonymous friend
Thank you YuiH for allowing this mod to use the appearance of Sha

Thanks to Skylaskyrim for the video

Vivace Edition

There are now two options that can replace the appearance of female Ulfric with the appearance with Vivace by rxkx22. In the standard option, female Ulfric wears  “Ritter Armor by NPR”. Or in the dragonbone option she will wear dragon bone armor.

Thanks to rxkx22 for Vivace follower:

Saber Edition

Additionally I have made an optional cosplay version thatturns Ulfric into Saber from Fate/staynight
Thanks to Fizban007 for making the saber armor mod -


Thanks to Vault Samurai for the video

Thanks to ScientificOtaku for the video


My female Ulfric does not look like yours?

She will use which ever vanilla replacer mods you have installed for armor. But her hair and body / face parts should be completely self contained. If you have issues try using the resurrect command on her by hitting the ~ button, select Ulfric with the mouse, and type “resurrect”

Female Ulfric is not wearing new clothes, has black hair or something similar?

This means Ulfric’s new inventory has not been loaded by your save yet. Try going to an interior cell and waiting in game for 3 days. Alternatively, using the resurrect console command on Ulfric would likely fix this. Additionally, other mods that alter Ulfric's inventory could cause this, and adjusting the load order should fix an incompatibility. In this case, FemaleUlfric.esp should be loaded last. 

If you use hoftroopers immersive armors, you must disable heroic storm cloak armors in the mod configuration menu.


Thanks to VatiWah for the video

Thanks to FingerCeaser for the video


Luviabloodmire :
YuiH – Sha Follower:
Vivace Follower by rxkx22:
Fizban007 Saber Armor :
R18Pn 04 - Ritter Armor by NPR : UNP female body:
Calientes Beautiful Bodies Edition:
SevenBase custom Female Body Replacer:
CHSBHC  BBP  NJ & BBP Conversions:
Apachii Hair Creators: NewseaSims, Cazy, Raonjena,PeggyZone, Skysims, Nightcrawler, Coolsims: