About this mod

Have you ever wanted your game to be a little bit more sarcastic? Do you think the loading screens are really boring? Well, this add-on is perfect for you! It took lots of science and math to make this.

Permissions and credits
  • Korean

UPDATE: LSWES is now up for Special Edition! Click HERE!

This mod changes the text in the loading screens to be satirical and poking fun at the game. For example, mentioning how you constantly eat poisonous plants. And there isn't any swearing either, so it's safe for the kiddies (as if Skyrim was a kid-friendly game in the first place)!

The vanilla file has around 320 altered loading screens, and the DLC file has around 52.

The mod has support for NMM, but for those who install manually; the instructions are in the ReadMe :)

For those of you who use the Steam workshop, here is the vanilla portion, and here is the DLC portion.

This mod should be compatible with most mods. as long as they don't also change the loading screen text. I'm not entirely sure about loading screen picture mods though.

If you encounter any bugs or typos, please mention it in the comments! If you've made a mod review of this, send me a link on twitter. I'd love to see your video! 

Thanks for checking out the mod! Have fun!