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A medium sized player home just outside of Ilinalta's Deep in Falkreath Hold.

Permissions and credits
This is my first medium sized player home! Im very happy to share it and have had A LOT of help with it. It is located just outside of Ilinalta's Deep in falkreath hold. 

A Huge "THANK YOU!" to those who have downloaded, endorsed and given feedback. 

Working on a "lite" version that removes NPCs, Autosorting system, and a couple other things. Hopefully it will help with CTDs. Not sure why they happen so any help with that would be great. 

2.1 is up, fixes (hopefully) some bugs.

Please feel free to add photos! I would love to see them!



  • A small boat that you can use to travel between half-moon mill and riverwood
  • Fishery
  • 3 linked chests (on on the pier, one by the front doorway, and one by the back door)
  • Mill
  • 2 Apiary
  • Garden with 16 plots and other veggies (linked storage also for this on the little stand between the stable and the garden)
  • Stable
  • Livestock and chicken coop
  • Hot tub 
  • secret door leading to the basement for quick access. 
  • Wood chopping block
  • Harvestable apple tree and tomato plant
  • Milkable cow (no activation pop-up but it still works)
Main Floor
  • Working sinks
  • Themed storage for alcohol, raw meats and fruits/veggies (also linked from outside by the garden)
  • Oven and cooking pot 
  • Display for Ysgramor's Soup Spoon and Balbus' Fork.
  • Display for singed copy of Uncommon Taste.
  • Butter Churn
Master Bedroom
  • Closet with linked storage to the basement for weapons, armor and other items. 
  • Linked storage chest (from outside and the basement)
  • 2 Bookcases
  • Labeled storage for armor pieces. Helms, gloves, boots, armors, jewelry, and a miscellaneous chest. 
  • bathroom with sink, also a mirror to change appearance. 
  • neat fish tank!
  • Hidden vampire room and access to the roof.
  • Ladder to the vault
Children room
  • 6 Children beds
  • chest full of toys!
Followers room
  • 3 beds owned by the npcs for the house (2 outside doing things and the bard inside)
  • 7 more beds for followers
  • Display cases for just about every unique item in the game! There is a book that will tell you what displays in what case. There is also an autosort chest in the vault to help. 

Display room
  • 5 Mannequins
  • 3 weapon plaques with sheild display
  • 3 large display cases
  • 20 weapon racks
Forge Area
  • Linked storage by the workbench (from other linked chests though out the house)
  • Linked storage for potions
  • many empty safes for extra storage
  • themed storage for crafting (ores, ingots, letather, dragon bones/scales, jewels, misc)
  • Chopping block
  • exit to outside
  • forge and smelter
  • Displays for vanilla armors (need ingots of the right type to display, iron armor=iron ingot etc. Also need 1 piece of leather for leather armor and a daedra heart for the daedric armor)
  • Glass floor to watch the lava being pumped up into the smelter then to the forge 

Crafting Area
  • Alchemy Lab
  • Storage for ingrediants
  • storage for potions and poisons.
  • Spider crafting and storage for pods
  • Staff enchanter with storage for heart stones
  • Enchanting font with soul gem storage
  • Bug jars and Draw Knife
  • Closet full of labeled storage for weapons and armors

Im sure ive missed a bunch of features in the house to list but go find them for yourself and enjoy it!

Any suggestions would be wonderful!

Here are a couple videos.

Credits and permissions in the tab as well. If i did not list you please contact me and ill update it!

If you updated to 1.5 please update to 1.6! A few big bugs were in 1.5 and corrected in 1.6

Update 1.5 is uploaded. 
-enable/disable npcs with a button
-new vault area with a larger display of items 
-updated textures

Updated to 1.4 (requires 1.3)
-updated missing textures and meshes
-fixed door on the roof
-fixed most likely reason of CTDs!! Thanks SO much to Aslaat for finding out and beta testing!
-Sinks in the bathroom/kitchen and the boiler outside now have animations

Updated to 1.3
-complete overhaul of AI packages of npcs. Now they have something to do though out the whole day
-updated missing textures
-added a script to hot tubs (interior and exterior) to strip npcs and players. Only npcs will put armor/clothing back on once leaving the hot tub.
-re-did hot tub area and took out the balcony above it.
-re-did garden and stables area
-fixed activators for a few items in the vault (the display armor racks you still need to activate from the side
-removed bard due to a bug i couldnt squash but wanted to get the update out, will have the bard back in for a future update
-added a script to the gates on the exterior to auto close, less chance of farm animals getting out.

A few bugs have been found, will correct them and update ASAP

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