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Aspen Lodge is a medium sized player home situated in the forests of Eastmarch Hold. Among its features are a blacksmith area, plantable garden, stable area, storage containers, weapon racks and an alchemy and enchanter's workstation. It is also adoption friendly as it contains two child beds.

Permissions and credits
I'm never good at this part so here goes my shoddy attempt at a 30 second schpeel. Aspen Lodge is a medium sized player home situated in the forests of Eastmarch Hold. Among its features are a blacksmith area, plantable garden, stable area, and two porches. It is also adoption friendly as it contains two child beds.  The interiors contain storage facilities for books, armor and weapons. I've also strategically placed switches to activate fireplaces and a sauna in the basement. 

Updating to version 2.71 Instructions:
If updating from a previous version, please remove all of your items from the house. I've changed a lot of things and I'd hate for anyone to lose anything. Leave the house and travel to another location.  If you've adopted any of the orphans, PLEASE MOVE THEM INTO ANOTHER HOUSE! Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions has this functionality. Save and exit the game, uninstall the previous version. Reload the game, then make another save. Exit the game and clean your save file. I recommend a mod called Save Game Script Cleaner. Then install the latest version.

Big Thanks Frosty

Big Thanks Hodilton

What's new in 2.71? 
The player bedroom has been moved into the main house cell. Added an outdoor pool and some idle markers around the fire sconces outside. Also added an outdoor pool. Removed some clutter that didn't really serve any purpose other than meaningless eye candy that no one would have noticed anyway. Renavmeshed the interior to accomodate for changes. Added new music tracks to play inside the house.

Rudy ENB -
Noble Skyrim 2K -

The only requirement for this mod is Hearthfire DLC.  

In order to get an orphan to live in your new house, you'll need to install Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions available at Not having Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions will not cause your game to CTD by any means with this mod installed.  But it does add a spell which allows the player to designate their current home.  Special thanks to TMPhoenix for the tutorial on how to get a custom player home compatible with Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions.  Couldn't have done this without you.

Skyrim Bigger Trees by Xweto and Jonigts

This always comes up as no mod can be compatible with every mod out there.  Especially environmental mods which tend to overhaul landscapes. The list below are mods which are confirmed to have drastic effects on my mod.
Tropical Skyrim Optimised (TSOP) by Massycraft

I've implemented a small quest for this. A courier will find you ( I know, soooo original ) and give you a note. If for some odd reason a courier doesn't find you, check your map. The key to the house is located on the deck. I've also uploaded a screenshot of where to find Aspen Lodge.

Sometimes, it can take up to 72 hours for an orphan to show up at the house. This is something with the game itself and not a bug with my mod. In testing, I've also found an orphan hanging out in the basement. If an orphan isn't sandboxing ( hanging out ) inside the main floor of the home, check the basement. They may also be upstairs.

Sometimes, leaving the house from either of the exit doors might make you think your game has frozen. This is not the case. Skyrim is just loading music specific to the exterior location.

The magelights indicated in the screenshots are time of day triggered. They are set to appear at 7PM and disappear at 6AM. I thought this might be a nice implementation for two reasons. I haven't seen something like this done with a player home. And the location in which Aspen Lodge resides can get dark, especially with mods like Climates Of Tamriel.

This mod was tested in a virtually unmodded game. "Virtually unmodded game" is defined as a game without any environmental mods installed. Mods like SFO should be ok. But there's always the chance that another mod which alters the same location as Aspen Lodge might conflict. To be honest, I've never seen any mods which use the same location though. And this is coming from someone who mods the hell out of his game. And I have 13 reinstalls to show for it :-)

So I hope you like my mod and it provides for you the same enjoyment I get with using it. I don't usually install my own mods, but this one is different for me. If you decide to keep my mod in your load ordern endorsements and votes are much appreciated.  Be sure to also endorse the mod authors whose resources were made available. 


Big thanks to the generous individuals below who have created and released resources for us to use. 
I also want to thank all my friends from Skyrim Nexus Mods on Facebook. Your words of encouragement are much appreciated and serve as motivation to keep doing this stuff.

Elianora's Extra Resources by Elianora -
Ingredients Wall Art Resource by Blary -
Modder's Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67 -
Celtic Decor for Skyrim I by DarkRider -

VindSvept - Hugin's Flight
Adrian Von Ziegler - Night Mist
Adrian Von Ziegler - Spring Charm

All of my music is available to download below free of cost, it’s licensed under a Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License.

If your project (any project at all, movie, photography, websites, live shows etc.) is non-commercial, which means it doesn't earn you any money, then you can use my music for free. Only given credits are necessary, that's the only condition. Credits would be totally fine as a small text in the movie, website etc. written "Music by Adrian von Ziegler". In live shows and other projects where including a text would be difficult, an oral mention would suffice as well. =)