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Craft your own dwarven robot army and Conquer Tamriel!

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  • Portuguese
This mod Is no longer supported.
It is now merged with my other mod Aetherial Palace.

This mod will allow you to create your own Dwarven automatons that will fight for you

and also allow you to carry them in a container.

To use this mod you'll need

the Dwarven Smithing perk
and the new perk Dwarven Animunculi Crafting in the smithing tree

To use the automatons
when you craft the container
drop the container and your robot will spawn 

To contain them activate your automaton and a pop up box will appear and ask if you want to store them.
selcet it and your automaton will go back into its container and will be ready to use again when you need it

you are able to craft

Dwarven Spider
Dwarven Ballista
Dwarven Sphere
Dwarven Steam Centurion
Dwarven Creature types
Dwarven Fire Droid (dwarven style flame atronach)
Dwarven Frost Miner (dwarven style frost atronach)
Dwarven Storm Sweeper (dwarven style strom atronach)
Dwarven Smasher (Dwarven Style Troll.)
Dwarven Gargoyle Sentinal (Dwarven Style Gargoyle....Duh..)
Dwarven Punisher (Dwarven Style Werewolf)
Dwarven Empress (Dwarven Style Wisp)
Dwarven EYEBOT (Dwarven Style ice wriath.)
Dwaven Gynoid (Dwarven female human spellblade)
Dwarven Commander (Dwarven human spellblade)
Dwarven Trooper (Dwarven human Melee type)
Dwarven Old Worker (Dwarven Style Falmer)
Dwarven Worker (Dwarven Style Draugr)
Dwarven Charger (Dwarven style Mounted Riekling)
Dwarven Big Dog (Dwarven style Horse)
Dwarven Worm (Dwarven Style Chaurus)
Dwarven Ripper (Dwarven Style Spriggan)

Dwarven Legendary Creatures
Dwarven Tyrant
(Dwarven Style Dragon, NOTE they will hover in place and not follow you, but they will FIGHT FOR YOU.
after combat they will go to your Current position

Dwarven Fire Centurion Titan (Dwarven Forge Master Regular)
Dwarven Frost Centurion Titan (Dwarven Forge Master Frost varient)
Dwarven Storm Centurion Titan (Dwarven Forge Master Storm Varient)
Dwarven Aetherium Centurion Titan (Dwarven Forge Master Aetherium varient)

Dwarven Keeper (Dwarven Style Giant, with optional weapons like

Explosive automatons
Dwarven Eggmen (Dwarven style chicken that explode on death.
NOTE the Eggmen bodies will disapear AFTER exploding)
Dwarven Page (dwarven style riekling that come with EXPLOSIVE FIRE, FROST and SHOCK SPEARS!  )

Fortify Melee and Range Combat
Fortify Destruction Automaton Magic
Grand Repair Dwarven Centurions
Grand Repair Concentration Dwarven Centurions

Dwarven BOMBS (drop them from your inventory and they will explode where your standing, with a 3-5 second delay)
Giant Dwarven Spear Arrows (Explosive Dwarven Arrows That Deal Massive Damage)

for new users who haven't installed this mod before,
you will be fine, install it as normal.
before updating to 1.9.0 this will require you to save your game 

uninstall the mod 

Deactivate and store all containers in a box or sell them.

Load up Save Game Script Cleaner

Clean you save by selecting  Delete all # and Fix script instances 

Save as (what ever you name it)

Load up your newly cleaned save in skyrim 

save again

install the mod

have fun

Required files

Mods Required
Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Patch
Sky UI

Perkus Maximus

Recommed Mods

Granite Markarth and Dwemer Ruins
Dwemer Automaton HD
Dwemer Beards
Dwemer Garb
Dwemertech - Magic of the dwarves
Deep Elf Race
Grimys Utilities 


Portuguese Translation by Komodoro

if you want to use the assets of this mod 
you need to visit T3ndo for permisions

you need to visit Vicn for permisions

    -----------------------------------File credits-----------------------------------
    I would like to thank T3ndo for allowing modders to use his perkus maximus resources, without it none of this would be possible. would also like to thank Vicn for modders to use there Vicn Creature Pack resource, would also like to thankECE Teamdimon99RadioragaeRENPeggyNewSea

    I would also like to thank EnaiSiaion for the Move Actor to target script.


A.I to fix
add stats to the mcm menu + Extra Stuff


I will be adding new Automatons to this mod and add new abilitys to both the current and new automatons