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This was my very first Skyrim mod, from ~5 years ago, and the first I ever decided to publish.  As some may know, I spend most of my time making clothing for FO4 these days, but I finally decided to dig this out and test it on Skyrim SE, and had no issues with it so far.  I'm going to take some time to completely overhaul some of the visuals, so expect a update shortly (as of 3/21/17).  I'm also adding a archery based ring, although I noticed the bow likes to hang around when the ring is removed, so it might need it's own bound bow script down the road lol.

Mistress Rings SE

This mod adds 8 expert level rings that have a number of effects, making things a bit more simplified, strategic, and easier + more difficult at the same time.  The rings work particularly better for veteran Skyrim players that just want to play through the game, and not deal with improving shit constantly.  All of the rings eliminate falling damage, cast a protection spell, increases movement speed by 25%, and add a weak 5/s regen (health + stamina or magicka).  Each of the rings also auto conjures a staff or weapon, and it can't be accidentally unequipped like all the other magic spells etc.  The ring specific traits/abilities are listed below:

Mistress of Flames:

-Fire spells +25% damage
-Negates incoming fire damage
-Fire spells use half magicka
-Incoming frost damage is doubled
-Casts a spell similar to dragonflesh, but only 40% of damage is blocked (drangonflesh blocks 80%)
-Casts a better flame cloak in combat
-Automatically conjures and equips the 'Meteorite' staff
-Staff casts a lobber fireball that explodes into a oil lamp hazard for secondary damage

Mistress of Frost:
-Frost spells +25% damage
-Negates incoming frost damage
-Frost spells cost half magicka
-Incoming fire damage is doubled
-Casts a spell similar to dragonflesh, but only 40% of damage is blocked (dragonflesh blocks 80%)
-Casts a better frost cloak in combat
-Automatically conjures and equips the 'Volleystick' staff
-Staff shoots the infamous 3-spear ice volley that also explodes into a frost hazard for secondary damage

Mistress of Storms:
-Storm spells +25% damage
-Negates shock damage
-Storm based spells cost half magicka
-Incoming frost and fire damage do additional 50% damage
-Casts a spell similar to dragonflesh, but only 40% of damage is blocked (drogonflesh blocks 80%)
-Automatically conjures and equips the 'Crack in the Sky' staff
-Casts a better storm cloak in combat
-Staff casts a bolt of lightning that explodes into a storm hazard for secondary damage

Mistress of Valor:
-Weapons are 50% faster
-Normal attacks +25% damage
-Power attacks +100% damage, but use twice as much stamina
-Incoming magic damage increased to 150% while not blocking
-Casts a spell similar to dragonflesh, but only 50% of damage is blocked (dragonflesh blocks 80%)
-Automatically conjures the 2H warhammer 'Ghosthammer'
-Blocking with the weapon casts the spellbreaker ward and reduces physical damage by 90% (keep in mind arrows murder the crap outta you)
-The warhammer ignores armor, and deals better critical damage than the Daedric warhammer
-10% chance to knock enemies on their ass while power attacking with the warhammer
-Every rank of the 'Skull Crusher' perk increases the chance of the knock down by 5% (25% chance at max rank)

Mistress of Treachery:
-Illusion spells cost half magicka
-Lockpick window, and pickpocket success increased by 25%
-Improves movement and light detection (enemies will hear you and also see the light from the staff)
-Casts a spell similar to dragonflesh, but only blocks 40% of damage (dragonflesh blocks 80%)
-Incoming magic damage (fire, frost, and storm) is increased by 50%
-When sneaking, casts a infinite and uninterrupted invisibility (just like potions, you stay invisible after attacking or thieving)
-Automatically casts a more effective poison cloak in combat (sneaking disables the cloak)
-Automatically conjures and equips the 'Abomination' staff
-Be careful, the staff sends the target into a dangerous rage.  They'll outrun you, and cut you to pieces with a more dangerous bound sword!
-Recasting the staff spell on a frenzied npc will break the spell, and return them to normal
-Does not work on dragons, children, or teammates, but will indeed work on daedra and anamatons

Mistress of the Past:
-Conjuration spells cost half magicka
-Incoming magic deals 50% more damage
-Casts a spell similar to dragonflesh, but only 40% of damage is blocked (dragonflesh blocks 80%)
-Automatically equips the 'Pluto' staff
-Pluto staff conjures Blutzen and Kohel, your friendly neighborhood mini centurions (Kohel with twin souls perk)
-Two centurions are both faster, have higher stamina, and less life than the vanilla centurions
-Conjured Centurions are also leveled at 1/4 the player's level, up to 25 max (they are still slow and strong)
-They fit through freakin' doors and halls mannnn!  :]

Mistress of Light:
-Restoration spells cost half magicka
-100% poison and disease resistance
-Casts a spell similar to dragonflesh, but only 40% of damage is blocked (dragonflesh blocks 80%)
-Casts candlelight automatically when sneaking (change spells for candlelight?  I ain't got time for that!)
-Incoming magic deals another 50% damage
-Automatically conjures and equips the 'Purity' staff
-Purity staff casts a beam concentration spell that deals twice as much damage to undead (not the best choice vs humans, critters, dragons, etc.)
-Disarms up to level 30 undead and forces them to fight with magic
-5% chance to instant kill undead (beam re-launch interval is 1s, so every 1s there is 5% chance to instant kill)
-Damage dealt is non-elemental, so there are no surprises with immune enemies, although the other rings tend to be stronger

Mistress of Chance:
-Everything has a 7% chance of either going exceptionally well or terribly wrong
-Casts a spell similar to dragonflesh, but only blocks 40% of incoming damage (93% of the time anyway...)

-Automatically conjures and Equips the 'Coin Toss' staff
-Staff casts a slow lobber projectile that typically deals 50 points of non-elemental area damage (same as fireball, but no elemental perk increase)
-Staff has a 7% jackpot chance to absorb either health, magicka, or stamina (maybe all 3 at once, are you feeling lucky?)
-Jackpots absorb 100 points over 10 seconds, and all run independently
-Staff has a 7% chance to conjure 3 friendly beefed-up magic anomalies for 1 minute, and it doesn't count towards commanded actor limit
-Anomaly jackpot requires the staff projectile scoring a direct hit
-Nearly any attack or spell has a 7% chance of dealing either little damage or double damage


How to update:

Start up your game, take off any of the rings so that the effects aren't active.  Having them just in your inventory is fine.  Manually save your game and exit.  Paste the included data folder into your game folder and overwrite if prompted.  Enjoy!

How to Remove:

Unequip the rings in-game to disable any effects and manually save.  Delete Mistress Rings.esp and the three texture files located in \textures\effects.  The three texture files are named,, and

Known Issues:

If swiching between rings really quickly, sometimes the previous ring's visuals will stick.  Just give a second for the FX to die down before equipping the next ring.

Special notes that relate to all of the rings:

*All of the staffs have infinite use, 1s cast times (Treachery is 3s, Past is 0.5s), and won't disappear when sheathing (bound items but also inventoried)
*The visuals become more intense in combat (or shift colors), see the pics I've provided (Mistress of Flames becomes shadowed/bursts in flames etc.)
*Tampering with the bound weapon/staff (in enchantment section of Creation Kit) will cause it to not work, takes a little CK sorcery lol
*To switch to another piece of equipment, you must first remove the equipped ring (hit same hotkey a second time basically)
*All of the rings can be crafted at the forge with arcane perk (misc section) using silver ingot, flawless ruby, black soul gem, and one other ingredient
*Use the console and type <help mistress> and then use the additem command if you want to cheat and just obtain the rings to test them out
*The rings don't actually require a 'expert' skill level, they will work at any level and related skill level