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Sorry for UNP users....

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Brand New Light Stalhrim Armor for CBBE HDT-BodySlide

Click To UUNP Versions!
Thanks to federation25 for this Conversions!

Thanks to skylaskyrim for this quick view!

This mod does not changing Heavy version
Oh, Another Replacer!
This mod will replace following armor meshes
Light Stalhrim armor Cuirass
Light Stalhrim armor Gauntlets
Light Stalhrim armor Boots

sorry, no helmet this time......

And of course, the Bodyslide!
as always, every meshes can customize with BodySlide!
this mod will add following Slide sets in BodSlide
zz Justice - Stalhrim Armor for cuirass
zz Justice - Stalhrim Gloves for Gauntlets
zz Justice - Stalhrim Boots for Boots

Anything i need?
mos importantly you need HDT support Skeleton, like XPMS or you will get CTD when you wearing cuirass!
and you need CBBE Body for body models
and BodySlide2 for customize the shape

Special Sorry
Sorry for UNP users... i've been busy playing FO4, so. i don't have time for unp conversions........
some gentle and kind modder will make conversion for it.... i hope