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This is a weapon parry standalone. This is the parry effect from the amazing mod Action Combat by Proski. I didn't make anything in this mod I just trimmed out the effects and code not pertaining to the application of the weapon parry effect.

Permissions and credits
Trouble Installing: if for some reason the most recent version isnt working for you pull up the console and type in help "parry" and add the spell that way.

My Modding Status
: Hi guys, it's been almost a year. I haven't played Skyrim in a very long time but I recently started again and I downloaded my mod to use in my own game, since I no longer have the original files because my gaming computer ate itself, and surprise surprise it was causing a lot of issues. When I originally made this mod I had only been modding for about a 2 weeks, but I had a knack for it. I finally took a better look at this thing and realized that I had to do something. Originally all I did was trim down the Action Combat files to get just the Parry abilities but I was inexperienced and continued to leave behind traces of AC everywhere in the esp and poorly optimized condition functions were allowing scripts to attach to things they had no business attaching to. So I did the sensible thing and rewote the whole thing. I took it down from 161 lines of code to 18 lines of code and remade the esp from scratch to get rid of the AC properties and references that I have erroneously left in the original. This version of WPS does not need SKSE, it IS compatible with Skyrim SE, and also compatible with literally everything else. No Mod menu, no customization, no cloaking, no brawl bug. It just makes it so when the player counts attacks it simply also counts as blocking. Let me know if there's any issues. As far as modding goes I don't know how much of it I'm going to be doing. I may be here, I may not, that's life sorry. I'd mod fulltime if I could live off of doing so but I cannot. One final note, if anyone is interested I remade another mod origianlly called "True Death," if you haven't heard of it check it out. My version of the mod does the same things as the original but is bug-free because I wrote a complete workaround of the limitations that the original mod had to deal with. If anyone is interested in that mod let me know. A year after I started modding I am an exponentially better coder than I was, and I am far more competent with the creation kit. If there are errors now in my work it is either because I was up late working on it or I simply forgot to include a file. I can fix all of my mods and make all them faster and cleaner and do things I never knew were possible. I'm probably not going to develop new mods, but I will add on to and fix existing ones. - Wbunkey2244

What is this mod?

Action Combat by Proski is one of the best mods for combat on the nexus, and personally, is my favorite. He has said that he will no longer support development of Action Combat however, due to a lack of initiative to do so. I would occasionally get crashes from using action combat, but the parrying effect worked wonders and it was hard for me to give it up, but I had to because I couldnt use Action Combat with my mods. Well, I finally learned how to mod and how to read papyrus script and I trimmed out all of the other effects and code that didn't pertain to the weapon parry effect for personal use I thought I could upload it to the nexus with Proski's permission.

How does it work?

Simply attack at the same time to block an enemy's attack with your attack! Very basic, I included the MCM from the mod that this mod derives from, so it can be toggled on and off at will. 


I did not make this work, it was all coded and uploaded originally by the very talented Proski, author of the amazing mod Action Combat, all I did was seperate it and make it standalone so those that don't want all the other features can just make this very basic addition to their games.

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