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Seductres Hroki is a simple mod that add a completly new face & Hair & Body & storyline with ability to be your follower and also your wife!

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Seductress Hroki

Latest Update: 29/11/2015
Seductres Hroki is a simple mod that add a new Hroki face & Hair & Body & storyline & some extra features


* Hroki new hair style from ApachiHair mod (Require)!
* Hroki can be your companion!
* Hroki can marry you! (Working Very Properly & and tested by 8 diffrent Testers!)
* Hroki new Dog Companion called Stanvi!
* Hroki can use Disarm shout in combat!
* No more child race
* Hroki Sister called Judith in High Hrothgar with the greybeards you can talk to her but her system still in progress!
* New Custom Dialogues (Un-voiced) (Still looking for a girl voice actor)
* Hroki Wear Daedric Armor in Combat/Traveling!
* Spécial Powerful Daedric Sword with a chance of paralyse!
* Hroki Essential.
* Stanvi Essential.

Hroki Magic Skills (Usable on Combat):
Ebony Flesh 
Fire Bolt
Ice Storm
Grand healing
Healing Hands
Conjure Dragon Priest
Conjure Dremora Lord
Disarm Shout (FULL)

Conjuration Master Perk
Destruction Master Perk
Alteration Adept Perk
Restoration Expert Perk

* Level: 78
* Two Handed: 57
* One Handed: 89
* Sneak: 74
* Destruction: 100
* Conjuration: 100
* Block: 100
* Archery: 69
* Speed: 150
* Heavy Armor: 81
* Light Armor: 90

Stanvi Skills: 
* Damage: 50
* Health: 270
* Stamina: 210
* Essential

Important Note to avoid Problems: 
* Before installing this mod and you already had Hroki as a companion with console commands you have to dismiss her and make a save!
* Clean save always better but not obliged!
* If you already married to hroki you need to follow these console commands to divorce her before using this mod:
  Removefac 51596
  Resetquest 74793
  Resetquest 21382
  setstage 74793 10

* Save, Then you can install this mod!
* If you want the marriage dialogue to appear you must get the amulet of mara from maramal NOT adding it by console it should 70% not work!
* If you are using Followers Tweaks / Mods (DO NOT EDIT HER SKILLS)
* Do not attack or provok Hroki family Spécialy the following npc's names:
  - Kleppr: Father
  - Hreinn: Brother
  - Stanvi: Dog Companion
  - Frabbi: Mother
    Otherwise she will never talk to you again!

1- Download ApachiHair Mod & Install it!
2- Drop/Replace Meshes & Texture Files to /Data folder!
3- Activate Seductress Hroki.esp on skyrim Launcher!

Seductress Hroki.esp

Markath - Market place - Silver Blood Inn

High Hrothgar

- Silver Blood Inn

Require Plugins:

1- ApachiiSkyHair
1- Better Females by Bella

Make sure to update to the latest version before reporting problems!
Q: Hroki keep saying leave me alone!
A: you probably attacked her family to fix it bring up console / click on her and type: setrelationshiprank player 4!
Q: Hroki Bold doesn't have hair!
A: You dident install Apachii Hair mod!
Q: My game crashes after loading logo
A: Install Apachii Hair mod!
Q: Hroki turn on me when i ask her to stealor kill someone in markarth!
A: Hroki Follow's the Crime faction in markarth so keep your nose clean!


You may not upload this mod to any other site other than NEXUS
You may not this mod on your own mods without permission from the author.
Please include this "readme" file when distributing this mod
You may contact the author at [email protected]
Facebook: www.facebook.com/xtrememetalheadx