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Auto Sell All your junk items in One Click.

Permissions and credits
Skyrim Junk AutoSell - Created by Gonbon (Nexus / Youtube)


This mod lets you mark all the items you don't need, then auto sells them to merchants in one click.
Once you marked an item, the mod will remember it: you'll only need to mark an item once.
If you later loot a similar item, it will be automatically marked to auto sell.

Compatibility with SkyUI:

This mod uses an older version of SkyUI's inventory screen.
A warning message will appear in game, but won't prevent the mod from running.
To deactivate this warning, go to SkyUI configuration --> advanced, then uncheck the file version verifications.

Load Order:
Auto Sell Junk should be loaded after SkyUI, as it adds a new button in your inventory and in merchants' screens.

Automatic installation:
Download and install this mod using Nexus Mod Manager.


Manual installation:

Extract Data into you Skyrim folder.
Usually there: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data"
Note: This shouldn't overwrite any file.

To Manually uninstall this mod:

Delete the following files:

- SkyUI


* V1.2 : Thanks to gonbon, the script was enhanced to run faster, prevent errors and adds the "Store all / Take all in category" functionnality when opening a container

* V1.1 : Correction of the incorrect display of weight, gold and health in the inventory

* V1.0 : Release of Skyrim nexus

* Fix bug where if a match object with no formId snuck its way into the list, it would wreak havoc with determining whether or not an item was junk.

* Fix bug involving filtering list and hitting a hotkey
* Improve selling (slightly faster, major under the hood changes to allow the following)
* Add transfer all in category (default T)
* Add quick stack items into container (default Y) - if the container has an item that you also have in your inventory, it will transfer it from your inventory in to the container
* Bug fixes when showing error dialog

* Allow you to mark junk from the Container and Gift menus (can mark as junk before picking up, or when trading with followers)

* Don't sell last item in stack if favorited or equipped
* Fix matching for potions/poisons that wouldn't match entire stack of created potions (and inevitably pop up an error message.)

* Changed sorting method to stolen first, heaviest first, cheapest first
* Allows you to suck all of the gold out of a vendor (dumb logic error)
* Sort of clarified the dumb error message

* First release

Recommended mod:
- Auto Harvest 2 : Lets you automacially loot items from containers, (dead) bodies and ground.

When filtering the items of your inventory, hitting space, then enter won't display your unfiltered inventory.
Here's a workaround:
Instead of hitting space -> enter, hit space -> type any letter and delete it.
Example: space --> "a" --> backspace
The inventory will then be unfiltered again.
Note that closing and reopening your inventory also works.

As always: create a copy of your save file, before installing this mod.

Credits: mod created by Gonbon (Nexus / Youtube)