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Adds 24 unique swords from TW3, including 2 with upgradable appearance/level.

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  • Turkish


The scholar mage Calcelmo has racked up some strange book at the effigy of a wolf during his archaelogical digging. It seems to be about ancient, unique swords and, as he doesn't know what to do with it, he would be willing to sell it to you...

Once the book in your possession, you'll be able to conjure up a forge to craft your own Witcher swords. (To do so, open the book, choose "Forge - 1H" or "Forge - 2H", close the book and quit the menu; the forge will automatically open.)

They are swords made of steel or silver (with a bonus against the undead), some of them with a full scabbard and the others with a vanilla leather scabbard (WIP). You can forge a one-handed version and/or a two-handed version; they are craftable at two different forges accessible from the book. They can be crafted with ingots of steel/silver and corundum/other metals. You can temper them too. You'll need the Steel Smithing perk for all of them. Some of them are stronger than others and will require more advanced knowledge in the art of smithing.

Here is a list of the swords added in the game for now (from the less powerful to the most powerful):

Dol Blathanna (Ø)
Eredin's Sword (Ø)
Ofieri Saber (Ø)
Tor Lara  (requires Smithing 20)
Princess Xenthia (requires Smithing 20)
Ofieri Scimitar (requires Smithing 30)
Bloed Aedd (requires Smithing 40)
Gwestog (requires Smithing 40)
Iris (requires Smithing 40)
Glory of the North (requires Smithing 50)
Cleaver (requires Smithing 50)

Ursine Steel Sword I, II, III, IV [4 appearences/levels, requires Smithing Ø (I), 20 (II), 40 (III), 60 (IV)]

Aerondight (Ø)
Fate (Ø)
Arainne (Ø)
Blade of Ys (Ø)
Hav'Caaren (Ø)
Azure Wrath (requires Smithing 20)
Rose of Shaerrawed (requires Smithing 20)
Tlareg (requires Smithing 20)
Tor Zireael (requires Smithing 40)
Moonblade (requires Smithing 40)
Reach of the Damned (requires Smithing 40)

Ursine Silver Sword I, II, III, IV [4 appearences/levels, requires Smithing Ø (I), 20 (II), 40 (III), 60 (IV)]

"4 appearances/levels" means that, if you match the requirements, you'll be able to create a more powerful version of the sword at the forge from the previous sword, whose appearance will be slightly different (just like in the game The Witcher 3).


• This mod adds several weapons directly converted from the game The Witcher 3 (I'm not the author of these assets).

• They are named like in TW3 but can be slightly different visually, because I don't necessarily use the same materials. I tried to keep them lore-friendly and balanced (no cheat).

• The scripts are safe and won't bloat your save (only activated when you open the book).


• Copy the files in your Data folder.
• Check TW3Weaponry.esp in NMM or MO.


• More weapons
• Leveled lists


None for now.


• zzjay - Women of Skyrim textures
• Halo's Pinup Poses


• Translations are welcome.
• If you want to use these swords in your own mod, it's OK if you credit CD Projekt.


• CD Projekt for their awesome work on The Witcher 3.
The Witcher 3 meshes and textures are owned and copyrighted by CD Projekt and used with explicit permission.
The Witcher is a trademark of CD Projekt. All rights reserved.

• JLouisB for his tool The Witcher Converter.
• Daniel Coffey for Book Covers.
• RavenDier for the idea of the book/forge script.