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Part of the Voiced Follower Enid Project
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See also the Witcher 2 Brigida Dress

This is a light armor with a glass armor rating. 

In game, press the ~ key to open up the console. Type in help shani. Or help __ if you’re lazy like me.
You’ll find the numbers of her items. Type in player.additem INSERTNUMBERHERE 1 and the armor is added into the inventory.

It is also craftable under the glass section.

You have my permission these assets for SKYRIM as long as it follows CDProjekt's general guidelines, as they have told me:

-Do not claim that CDProjekt is your official partner of your mod. (Nor me for that matter)
- Do not use these assets for paid mods or third party games.
- Do not use these assets for anything very discriminatory or inflammatory.


I don’t take requests to make this/change that or going to convert it to another body. 
Sorry. I'm not interested and too busy already.

Why is the sleeves missing/can you add in her dress as well?

 Currently it is impossible to extract all of the Witcher 3 meshes because some meshes have physics in them. Shani sleeves and dress had physics and therefore they never appeared when I imported the mesh. 




Please track my voiced Enid follower mod page. I'm converting these either for certain characters or a huge party quest early in the mod. The full version is a follower/quest expansion pack that will have many Witcher conversions/mashups that will probably be sellable by a vendor.


Thank you CDProjektRed for making the Witcher 3. I have received permission from CDProjekt Red to use their Witcher 3 and Hearts of Stone clothing assets for my Skyrim mods. Moderators, if you need to see a screencap of the e-mail, please PM me.

Thank you Urshi, SydneyB, Nimezis, ZZjay, Oaristys, Maledun0, and CearesMods for the tips, answers and amazing patience!