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This patch fixes the following:
-Vanilla script variable restored (normal version of 101Bugs is flawed).
-Changed the new ingredients properties to bring them all to Vanilla level (no more overpowered potions).
-Added VendorItemIngredient keyword to all new ingredients.

Permissions and credits
Go install the original "101BugsHD Butterfly Dragonfly Luna-Moth Torchbug v.4.1" first before even trying this fix or otherwise the mod will not work.

-The original mod's 4.1 Normal version has a major error in its vanilla script, in vanilla skyrim you have a maximum of about 3-5 critters at each spawn point, it is set like this through a variable in the vanilla script.
However the original mod's 4.1 Normal version removes that variable by not giving it any number at all, which should never be done, and the result is that certain spawn points are now overloaded with insects because the script is not putting a limit on it anymore.
I fixed that and now only 3-5 critters will spawn again at spawn points, just like in vanilla.

I have also tested the original 4.1 High Spawn version and this one has a correct variable in the script set, it does spawn more critters like advertised (6-9 critters per spawn point) so it is not bugged like the 4.1 Normal version.

With this script variable error in the original normal version, the normal version was in fact a High Spawn version on steroids, which is bad for the FPS and the script engine.
Either way, its fixed now.

-All new ingredients now have the "VendorItemIngredient" keyword, some mods have automated storage systems and without that keyword the new
ingredients will not be sorted in the right container, so with this keyword they will now be sorted along with the rest of the vanilla ingredients.

-Loads of ingredient properties were so overpowered it wasn't even funny, by vanilla standards I could get potions being +200% better and I could sell a potion for over 3k gold at vendors, everything was just out of balance.
So all ingredients are now set to vanilla standards!

CREDITS to 83Willow for creating the '101BugsHD Butterfly Dragonfly Luna-Moth Torchbug' mod!

PS: I went through every single Vanilla Ingredient and made a list, then I compared this list to the new ingredients, this way I could make sure all new ingredients are 100% in line with Vanilla.
This list will show the maximum values of the Vanilla ingredients and none of the new ingredients will go above that:

In case Nexus website shuts down and/or I am no longer around, then you can upload/convert this mod to other websites for the purpose of FREE redistribution. (never charge money for it)
Though you must credit me as the original author and I will always retain all rights and permissions to this mod.