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This mod fixes various problems with movement speed values. It also increases walking speed by a little. A must have mod for people who look for immersion and realism.

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Check out my other mod: lightweight and realistic ENB; Natural performance ENB: www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/71176/

I have to say I cannot play Skyrim without this mod. Seriously. It fixes so many things while being lightweight (script-free) that it's simply a must have.

This mod does the following:

1. Increase walking speed (roleplay-walk) by 25%
2. Decrease run and sprint speeds by a small amount (7%)
3. Correct multiple values which were wrong in game (such as backwalking with one handed weapon being 0.6x the speed of backwalking with two handed weapon).
4. Reduce sidewalk speed slightly. (without this mod you backrun with speed of 205 and backrunsidestep with speed of 370. Very huge and unrealistic difference, backrunning and backrunsidestepping being just as hard irl. This fixes it.)

Installation: Install with NMM, MO, etc. or just copy the .esp to your Data folder.
Load order: I recommend being close to bottom.
Script free; you can install or uninstall at any time without having problems in your game/save!

More specific info:

Modified movement speed values for Humanoid (Player and NPC).
Walk 80 -> 100
Run 370 -> 340 (left & right 290)
Sprint 500 -> 470
Sneak walk 47 -> 60
Sneak run 222 -> 190 (left & right 170)

Without this mod, for example walking backwards wearing a one handed weapon was speed 45, while walking backwards with a bow or a huge axe was 72. And running backwards was slower while having a spell equipped than while having a sword equipped. These are now corrected!

Compatible with pretty much every mod and every dlc (or without dlc)!

Enjoy! ;)