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Gharalbur Stronghold is a multiple adoption friendly orcish-type playerhome.

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Gharalbur Stronghold is a multiple adoption friendly orcish playerhome in Eastmarch. It's not really a stronghold, because it isn't a home of a whole orc tribe, it's only for one family: yours. Inside it has six child beds, an alchemy table, an enchanter, an oven and several safe containers, outside there are all smithing stuff and a woodchopping block. There is a small fishing dock too where you can admire the beautiful stream what is  surrounding the longhouse. It has a big fence as all the other strongholds and don't forget to close the gate, because Gharalbur is between Darkshade, a troll cave and Cradlecrush Rock, a giant camp. The house is fully navmeshed inside and outside and requires Hearthfire DLC. 

To be able to bring your family here use the Bless Home spell that comes with TMPhoenix's Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions mod:

Suggested mod is tesseractangular's Kidmer because it has two adoptable orc children, a boy and a girl. It isn't needed for my mod to work though.

Version1: without christmas tree and weapon plaques
Version2: with three weapon plaques, now you can sit on the side of the master bed and there is a christmas tree too. The christmas tree's ornaments are disabled by default, clicking on the cauldron under the tree enables and disables the ornaments any time. 
Version4: bsa added