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Modifies Rayya the Falkreath housecarl. Updated her appearance, outfit and skills.

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Modifies Rayya, the housecarl in Falkreath. Whilst keeping with the original spirit of her character, I modified her appearance, added skill perks and adjusted her outfit.

She is aggressive in combat, and with dual wield she can chop down an enemy quite fast.


  • Marked Essential.
  • Does not affect stealth meter.
  • Female gender stance.
  • Levels with the player from 10 to 100.
  • Change outfit to Redguard Clothes. Add the Steel Armor and Alik'r hood to inventory instead, for easier armor swaps and hood removal.
  • Retains the CombatWarrior1H class, and slightly changes her combat style to csForswornberserkerLow.
  • Perked in her particular skillsets (one-handed, archery,block, heavy armor):
  •   1H: Armsman40, Bladesman30, Bonebreaker30,HackandSlash30, FightingStance, DualFlurry30, DualSavagery
  •   Heavy Armor:Juggernaut60, Cushioned, Conditioning, WellFitted, TowerofStrength
  •   Archery: OverDraw20, CriticalShot30, Ranger
  •   Block: ShieldWall60, ElementalProtection, DeflectArrows, Powerbashperk, BlockRunner
  •   Sneak: Lightfoot
  • Reviewed with TES5Edit.

Hearthfire DLC required.

See "Latest Version" link above.

If you are starting a new game, or Rayya is not yet your housecarl:
  • Download with NMM.
  • Activate in NMM.

These steps may be necessary for an existing game where Rayya is already your housecarl - IMPORTANT:
  • Download with NMM.
  • If Rayya is currently a follower of yours, dismiss her as a follower.
  • Create a savegame.
  • Exit game and activate mod in NMM.
  • Load the savegame.
  • Go to Rayya (she may still be wearing the steel armor) and have her follow you.
  • Trade with Rayya and take EVERYTHING from her inventory.
  • Dismiss her as a follower.
  • Open the console (tilde key) and click on Rayya. You should see her Form ID number appear.
  • Type: disable (this will cause Rayya to disappear - that's ok)
  • Type: enable
  • Type: setlevel 1000 0 10 100
  • Exit the console (tilde key)
  • Rayya should now reappear and her stats should be correct (you can check with UFO)
  • Make her a follower again and give her back her equipment.

Dismiss the follower.
Deactivate in NMM.

Do not upload this mod elsewhere, but feel free to use anything in it for your own mod.

Load after UFO or any other mod which modifies Rayya.
Uses only vanilla assets.
Recommended mods:
UFO-Ultimate Follower Overhaul
Follower Trade Priority
Challenging AI - Aggressive Combat Styles
Duel - Combat Realism

Mods used in screenshots
I like a generally minimalistic approach to character visual changes. These are the mods I use which affect female appearance:

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