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Makes Dawnbreaker a little prettier, with 4K fully custom textures based off of the originals.

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Ah, Dawnbreaker. A powerful weapon, but it's kinda ugly, to be honest. Just like the Elven items, there's too much....Gold...I fixed that. Also, the glow looks a little prettier as well, lighting up the core of the weapon when unsheathed. Added a steel blade.

This mod includes 4K textures. Do not ask for 2K because I will not provide them. The normalmaps, glowmaps, and regular textures are all 4K, and about 20 MB each. If you have a graphics card with less than 768MB of memory, I suggest using a different mod.

Q: Textures not changed?
A: Make sure you put them in the right places. The textures should be in <Skyrim dir>Data/Textures/Weapons/Dawnbreaker.

Q: I can has 2K?
A: No.

Q: My framerate went down :'(
A: I've included mipmaps, try changing your graphics quality settings, or else Dawnbreaker isn't impacting your framerate.

About my username:
If you understand hexadecimal code, you'll understand it. it says "ShadoW".

I do not give anybody permission to use any of my textures, as I spent the latter part of this week on the normalmaps alone. I work way too hard on my mods to have somebody else steal them and take credit.

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